Delay in Settlement of Kosovo Conflict Increases Tensions in CE Regions – Serbian Foreign Minister

Politics Materials 12 November 2007 20:37 (UTC +04:00)

France, Strasburg / Тrend corr A. Maharramli / Forced determination of Kosovo's status without taking into account UN resolution 1244 which determines the situation in Kosovo may cause even more problems and may affect the conflicts on-going in other European regions, Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic said at a press conference in Strasburg on 12 November.

Speaking on the effect of Kosovo settlement upon the South Caucasus conflicts, Jeremic said: "First of all our efforts should be intended for successfulness of negotiations. An important aspect is to settle the conflict within the framework of the law, international legal regulations, and to find a compromise to satisfy all sides."

According to Jeremic, the Balkan region is also experiencing some tensions. "These tensions are increasing because Kosovo's status still remains undetermined. I do not see a soon way for settlement of the issue," Jeremic said.

Speaking on the Kosovo negotiations to be completed on 10 December, he said: "The date of completion of the negotiations on Kosovo status should not be regarded as the end of the negotiations, but as consideration and evaluation of the negotiations on the issue which have been held so far.