Iranian Factor Has Significant Impact on US Presidential Elections: Experts

Politics Materials 26 April 2008 12:00 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 26 April /corr. Trend D.Khatinoglu, A.Gasimova / The policy and views with regards to Iran in the pre-election speeches of each American candidate for presidency are important factors to gain victory in the elections in the USA.

" Iran could and is having a significant impact on the US presidential election," said the US politician Gawdat Bahgat.

Supporting the terrorist forces being controlled by it in Iraq, Iran tries that the Democrats gain victory in the coming elections in the USA, Iraq's National Security Adviser, Mouwaffaq al-Rubaie, said on 24 April in his interview with Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat.

"Iran could and is having a significant impact on the US presidential election at least in two ways," the Director of Middle East Center at the University of Pennsylvania, Gawdat Bahgat, reported to Trend from Washington. According to him, Iran has the potential to play a cooperative or spoiling role in Iraq. "Thus it focuses more attention to the on-going war there. The two political parties (Republican and Democratic) and their candidates have expressed different views on how to deal with Iran," Bahgat said.

According to him, other factor is potential military confrontation between the United States and Iran, including Iran's nuclear ambition.

Bahgat considers that still, it is important to point out that the US presidential election is mainly dominated by concern over the economy. The majority of American voters see the economy as issue number one (certainly the war in Iraq and potential military confrontation with Iran have impact on economic performance).

"Iranian issue has become a topic of propaganda No 1 for the American electors," Iranian politician Ahmad Zeydabadi said. According to him, the views of the candidates on how the Iranian problem will come to an end and the measures that will be taken to prevent international terrorism and production of nuclear weapons by the countries of the Middle East are very important for the Americans. "However, in my opinion, the policy and pressure of the United States with regards to Iran will not change irrespective of who will come to power in the USA," Zeydabadi reported to Trend by telephone from Iran.

The policy being pursued by Tehran in Iraq will not have significant impact on what party the U.S. people will vote for. However, the issue that what candidate the Israeli lobby, quarrelling with Iran, will support will play a decisive role in this regard, said British politician, Ali Reza Nourizadeh, Iranian by nationality. "Making contribution to the Sunnite terrorists in Iraq, especially network of Ansaral-Islam and Ansar al-Sunnah and using several Shiite groups, especially Mehdi Army, Iran tries to break stability in the neighboring country and thus, to show unsuccessfulness of the foreign policy of Republican Party which is on power," Nourizadeh said.

According to him, this policy of Iran will yield opposite results. "Breaking stability in Iraq will create grounds for victory of the Republicans. This wing is in opposition with Iran and takes keener position with regards to this country. The U.S. people consider necessary the victory of the Republicans in reply to provocations of Iran," Nourizadeh said.

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