" Turkey at Crossroads on Armenia" - Trend News Expert

Politics Materials 5 August 2008 10:46 (UTC +04:00)
" Turkey at Crossroads on   Armenia" - Trend News Expert

Azerbaijan, Baku, 4 August / Trend corr. R.Hafizoglu / Armenians implement an active lobby activity to restore their 'obedient nation' image, like in the period of the Ottoman Empire.

For this purpose, Armenia did not need political maneuvers. The recent events in Turkey have proved the activity of Armenians in the territory of the country.

It is not by chance that Turkish President Abdullah Gul was invited to watch the football match between the Turkish and Armenian teams in Yerevan on 6 August by Armenian's Serzh Sargsyan. Actually, such a step by Armenians may drive Turkey into a corner. Gul's rejection to visit Armenia may be evaluated as Turkey was not ready to launch a dialogue with Armenia, and Armenians consider the possible visit of Turkish President to the country as the start of dialogue between the countries.

A serious popularization was carried out in Turkey before Gul was invited to Yerevan. Dismissal of Pf.Yusuf Khalachoglu, who attempted to prove the invented pretensions to 'Armenian genocide', from the chairman position in the Turkish History Department, gave an impact to extend the Armenian popularization in Turkey.

The scheduled festival Yeshil Yayla through support of the Armenian Government in the Rize City, is one of the lobby activity of Armenians in Turkey. The Christensen Fund (TCF) supported by Armenian Diaspora has allocated €200,000 to hold this festival. The funds were allocated to support hemshins, who reside in Turkey and state about their Armenian origin.

Ismayil Dinchar, the Head of International Force Unity Platform, said that the scheduled festival by Armenians in the Black Sea region was directed to reinforce their lobby activity and to prove hemshins the unity of historical origins. Furthermore, Armenians, who attempt to prove hemshins that they have the one historical roof, state that the Armenian Churches and churchyards in Turkey were in a bad situation.

These statements were published in the Turkish magazine Evrensel Hayat. "There are hundred of our Churches in Turkey, and they are in a bad situation. Our main Church is the cloister on the Mereto mountain and Church Maria Mother of God in Gulse. Turks do not respect our graves. Gravestones are installed with the names of Muslims, while there is not any sign on the graves of Armenians. This must be stopped," is stated in the magazine.

There are other evidences about the Armenian lobby activity in Turkey.

Some70,000Armeniansillegally work in Turkey.Former MP of Armenian Parliament Stephan Grigoryan said the following about Armenians illegally working in Turkey in the interview to the Star newspaper: "I normally perceive that Armenians work in Turkey. We will solve this problem as soon as we will restore the diplomatic relations with this country. Armenians have good working conditions in Turkey. Turks and Armenians have one culture, music and traditions. In spite of Dashnaks, we should start the dialogue with Turks from the common issues rather than problems."

Grigoryan has positively evaluated the invitation of Turkish President to Yerevan and touched upon the importance of such a step to develop relations between the two countries. "I do not believe that Gul will visit Yerevan, but there is a message to Turkey beyond this invitation. Our further development depends on Turkey. Turkish political elite is very intelligent. Turkey understands that it is an ally not only for Azerbaijan in the region. We should use of this chance and to take the initiative to our hands," former Armenian MP said.

Furthermore, Armenians hope that the Turkish-Armenian border to be opened in the near future.

Gregoriy Vanyan, the Chairman of the organization World Initiatives of South Caucasus, has evaluated the opening of the Turkish-Armenian border as a very significant step to stabilize relations between Armenia and Turkey and to solve the problems.

Another evidence of development of the relations between Turkey and Armenia is an opening of the Armenian language and literature faculty in one of the Universities in Nevsher City.

Turkish Education Ministry has opened the Armenian language and literature faculty after an official permission by the Foreign Ministry. This was said by Pf.Mehmet Metin Hulagu to the information agency Habertime. Hulagu hoped that the faculty would play a role of bridge between the two countries. Taking into consideration that there are few specialists in Turkey, who can speak in the Armenian language, such specialists will be attracted from Armenia.

It would be simply-minded to take actualization of the Turkish-Armenian relations as by chance. European Union is also interested in normalization of the Turkish- Armenian relations and opening of borders. EU's main demand from Turkey is to open borders with Armenia and to restore relations with this country in response to support the Turkish ruling party.

All the aforesaid make us to think that the deadlock period between Turkey and Armenia have passed. Armenian's prospectus depends on Turkey. Turkey faces another historical choice.

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