Azerbaijan’s Leading Opposition Party may not Join Alliance of Political Forces Boycotting Elections

Politics Materials 20 August 2008 15:15 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 20 August/ Trend , corr E. Babayev/ The opposition Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (DPA) may not join the formant of cooperation of parties boycotting the upcoming presidential elections. "We reject the conditions set forth to consider election illegitimate which is the key principle of cooperation," Sardar Jalaloglu, DPA chairman said to Trend .

The presidential elections in Azerbaijan will be held on 15 October. Three opposition parties (Popular Front Party, Liberal Party and Citizens and Development Party) united in Azadlig bloc and Classic Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan decided to boycott elections. Open Society Party, Musavat, Civil Solidarity, Democratic Party, Great Establishment Party, and Azadlig bloc and Eldar Namazov, head of For Azerbaijan public forum will not take part in the elections.

Last week at the meeting of the Board of Chairmen of Azadlig bloc decided to create a center of cooperation of parties refusing to take part in the elections. Fuad Mustafayev, activist of Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan was assigned to hold talks with this regard.

Mustafayev determined the illegitimacy of elections as a key principle of cooperation of the parties. "Parties taking this step will immediately join this cooperation," he added.

Jalaloglu said that no talks have been held with DPA with this regard yet. "But now I can say that we oppose this principle," he said and added that at present dangerous games are played in Caucasus and there can be foreign threat. The enmity between government and opposition can serve as a favorable ground for foreign forces to carry out their policy in Azerbaijan.

According to Jalaloglu, DPA will not give up its constructive political line. "On the contrary, we offer other parties to take constructive position. Radical political line does not bode well. Under current conditions, radical statements can create additional problems," he said. The radical political line pursued by the opposition was not success so far, he said.

The Right Wing DPA was founded in 1991 by Sardar Jalaloglu. The party stuck to the radical position until January 2007; however it decided to establish a dialogue with the Government in January 2007. As a protest, Rasul Guliyev, the former speaker of the parliament and his supporters turned down DPA and established the Open Society party.

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