Ministers Avoid Impeachment Due to Ruling Party’s Authority: Iranian Experts

Politics Materials 9 September 2008 11:55 (UTC +04:00)
Ministers Avoid Impeachment Due to Ruling Party’s Authority: Iranian Experts

Azerbaijan, Baku, 9 September / Trend corr. T. Jafarov / The evidentl reason for cancelling of the impichment imposed on the Iranian Education Minister in the Parliament is due to the authority of the ruling party, its will and upcoming presidential elections.

"Most representatives of Parliament support the Governemnt, and therefore cancelling of impichment is expected," Jafar Mahammadi, expert on international issues, said.

According to the Fars agency, the Iranian Education Minister Ali Ahmadi's impeachment was cancelled by MPs without hearing. Eighty percent of the Iranian Islamic Council's representatives demanded to impose an impeahement on Ali Ahmadi. The signatures, collected to attract the minister to impeachement, were submitted to Parliament on 2 September. Other six representtaives of the Assembly of Islamic Council submitted their signatures till 7 September. Totally there are 299 members in the Assembly.

Mahammadi stated that under the law, if two other ministers from the Cabinet were subjected to impeachment besides the Education Minister, it would be enough to reconsider the Cabinet of Minister's functioning. According to Mahammadi, the investigation over the Cabinet's functioning and reconsideration of its power does not mean the end of governing actually. It is a legal process. So, Parliament is entitled to investigate ministers' power and to keep them in office or discharge.

According to the expert, the representatives of Parliament understand well that the possible impeachment on ministers on the threshold of presidential elections will lead to challenges. Therefore, they use impeachment as the means of pressure on ministers.

Alireza Nourizade, Britain based Iranian expert, told Trend that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the one amongst of the previous presidents in the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose 'team' experienced changes most. "Most ministers are imposed by impeachment or replaced. Ministers' replacement put the governmental authority under doubt. "I think if Ali Ahmadi was subjected to impeachment, the same would happen with Ahmadinejad," Nourizade said via a telephone from London.

According to Nourizade, Ahmadinejad requested Ali Khomeini, Iranian religious leader, to support the authorities. Therefore, most MPs refused to subject the Education Minister to impeachment by the initiative of the Speaker Ali Larejani.

Despite most representatives of Parliament support Ahmadinejad's administration, they criticized ministers' activity in Parliament.

"I think that Ahmadinejad will face more challenges in the future. The raw over the forged education diploma of Ali Kordan, Iranian Interior Minister, shows that MPs will not leave Ahmadinejad alone," the expert said.

Ali Ahmadi was appointed as the Education Minister in February 2007. Before, Ahmadi was the rector in the Payame Noor University. So, Iranian Parliament took a decision to cancel impeachment imposed on the second minister of Ahmadinejad's administration. Earlier, in April, the Iranian Trade Minister Masud Mirkazimi's impeachment was also canceled without hearing.

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