Ismail Khan Promises Kabul 24-hour Electricity

Politics Materials 3 November 2008 14:10 (UTC +04:00)

Afghanistan, Kabul, 3 November / corr Trend A.  Hakimi / Kabul will get 24-hour electricity by the end of January, the minister for water and energy, Ismail Khan, has promised.

Khan said four large generators have been imported and that they will be installed and ready to use in January.

The minister also told parliament that Uzbekistan had promised to complete an electricity import project last month, but had failed to deliver.

He said the project would be completed by the end of April 2009.

For the first time when he was going to get the post of ministry and gaining the vote of confidence from Afghan parliament, promised 24 hour electricity  for Kabuli citizens in six months but years elapsed without of any improvement in this regard, even decrease in electrical energy is widely evident through out the capital.

Currently, the citizens of Kabul have access to electricity after every two night.

He added that Uzbekistan had failed to activate a project that would boost power in Kabul despite the completion of work to import electricity across the Hairatan border and the ministry's upfront payment of 75% of the costs.

Khan said the ministry had already spent $1 billion on electricity in Kabul and that all the city's electricity networks were now ready to receive power.

His comments come after many complaints from Kabulis about the lack of power in the capital. Households are sometimes left without electricity for up to three days in a row. The city requires 500 megawatts of electricity to feed it.

It is noticeable, it is not the first time that  Ismail Khan, minister of energy and water prolongs  providing electricity for the capital but he promised several time the same as now.