World must involve organizers of military crimes in Gaza into responsibility: Amnesty International official

Politics Materials 4 July 2009 09:00 (UTC +04:00)
World must involve organizers of military crimes in Gaza into responsibility: Amnesty International official

Azerbaijan, Baku, July 3 / Trend , U.Sadikhova/

International human rights organization Amnesty International which investigates war crimes in Gaza calls upon the Israeli Government to cooperate with the UN in holding investigation, as well as explaining the details of war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza in December last year.

"We [Amnesty International] obviously asked Israeli government for meeting and for answers  the detail questions,but they have not wanted to respond [...] with this occasion," Head of Amnesty International Research mission in Gaza and south of Israel Donatella Rovera told Trend in a telephone conversation. "I understand that they have also not responded to the questions of other human organization."

The report of the human rights organization Amnesty International lists the crimes that were committed by Hamas and Israel during the Israeli military operations in Gaza, BBC Russian Web site reported. Under the paper, Israel committed war crimes by frequent raids, causing great destructions in enclave.

Rovera who is the author of the report said that independent investigation of Amnesty International revealed that Israel violated international law on three points during 22-day military operations in Gaza: using technology and weapons that are intended only for battlefields but not for populated places, such as heavy artillery and white phosphorus, destructing residential facilities, and hindering medical aid in the enclave.

A 22-day Israeli operation, which lasted from Dec. 27 to Jan. 17 claimed lives of about 1,400 Palestinians, the Amnesty reportes. This is almost identical with the data of the Palestinian side.

More than 900 of them were civilians, including 300 children, 115 women and unarmed police officers, the report said.

Israel announces 1,166 fatalities among the Palestinians, of whom 295 were civilians.

The Israeli military said that they did not violate the international law during the operation, BBC Russian reported.

Israel explains the deaths of some civilians as "random mistakes". However, the Israeli representatives do not agree with allegations that the Israeli operation was disproportionate and its actions were not targeted.

But the Amnesty report says that the rocket attacks on Israeli children who were playing on the roofs, and doctors were "very point."

"They destroyed thousands of homes in the manner that can not be justified as military necessity," Rovera said.

She added that the Palestinian movement Hamas is also accused of endangering its civilians.

The rocket attacks against southern Israel by Hamas, which claimed the lives of three Israelis, were the main reason for the start of Israel's "Cast Lead" operation.

Rovera added that Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza have been "directed to specific purposes and thus, they were illegal from international law point of view."

The Israeli military has repeatedly accused Hamas that it provokes the loss of innocent civilians, and claimed that the militants opened fire from schools, hospitals, mosques, homes and institutions, BBC Russian reported.

After the announcement of the war crimes of Israel and Hamas, Amnesty intends to exert pressure on the accused and to appeal to the international community to take measures to prevent recurrence of violations of international law, Rovera said.

"We are calling on the international community to take measures, either the security council or individually by national lawyers of universal jurisdiction to ensure that those were committed such serious violations of international war including the war crimes, broke the justice ," she said.

Amnesty, which has not cooperated with the government of the Palestinian Authority calls upon the international community to move on from the stages of the investigation to the stages of accountability. , Rovera said.