Amnesty International, ‘Article 19’ competing to defame Azerbaijan

Politics Materials 18 June 2015 18:01 (UTC +04:00)
The Amnesty International and ‘Article 19’, the organizations that are actively taking part in the defamation campaign against Azerbaijan, have once again made biased claims in their articles.
Amnesty International, ‘Article 19’ competing to defame Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan, June 18

The Amnesty International and 'Article 19', the organizations that are actively taking part in the defamation campaign against Azerbaijan, have once again made biased claims in their articles.

The Amnesty International's articles were authored by Jane Buchanan and Naomi Westland, while Rebecca Vincent authored the piece spread on behalf of the 'Article 19'.
Reading those pieces, written in the similar manner and style, it becomes clear that they have one and the same source.

The main goal of the articles is to create a negative image on Azerbaijan, and to reduce the significance of the European Games, held in Baku.

Rebecca Vincent, even going too far, didn't refrain from targeting UNICEF, which supports the European Games and works for the rights of children worldwide.

But what is the "guilt' of UNICEF and why it has come under Rebecca Vincent's wrath? She should know better that sport, which is constantly supported by the UN, is also on the agenda of the UNICEF as a useful means for the development of children and teenagers.
Children with limited mental capacities and disabilities from Azerbaijan and other countries took part in the opening ceremony of the European Games in Baku on June 12 through the UNICEF.

Everyone was touched by their happiness and excitement. But, Rebecca Vincent, who is so much deprived of her conscience and morality, politicizes not only sports, music and culture, but also the fates of children.

And the British newspaper Guardian shamelessly allocates a place on its pages for this immoral article.

It is obvious that Rebecca Vincent got worried by that the orderers, who being dissatisfied with her anti-Azerbaijan "Sport for rights" campaign through Article 19, assigned this mission to the Amnesty International.

Fearing to lose the order, she doesn't even restrain from speculating over the issue of disabled children, thereby violating all the moral principles.

Apparently, although the two wings of the anti-Azerbaijani campaign - Article 19 and Amnesty International - are on the same front against Azerbaijan, their interests intersect in mercantile grant issue.

Francis Anthony Boyle, who is the professor of international law at the University of Illinois and has been a board member of Amnesty International US for a long time, said that this organization serves to the foreign policy interests of the US and UK.

That's to say, when Washington and London decide to start a campaign against any country, the Amnesty International is used as a tool for this purpose.

Over 20 percent of Amnesty International's budget is provided by the US and around 25-40 percent is provided by the UK through various channels, according to Boyle.

The goal of the Amnesty International is self-advertisement, but not the human rights, said Francis Boyle, adding that its second purpose is to get money and the third - to have even more members.

Although the Amnesty International, which has left the Article 19 behind in the anti-Azerbaijani campaign, has politicized the sport, it understands that it failed to achieve the goal. Therefore, in the next stage, it has focused on politicizing the culture.

Nevertheless, the fact is that the solemn opening ceremony of the First European Games nullified the campaign carried out against Azerbaijan by the Amnesty International.
Probably, after this failure of Amnesty International and Article 19, those standing behind this campaign will have to seek a new NGO.