Forces doing slanderous, biased campaigns not to divert Azerbaijan from independent policy (UPDATE)

Forces doing slanderous, biased campaigns not to divert Azerbaijan from independent policy (UPDATE)

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Baku, Azerbaijan, June 26

Azerbaijan is one of the rare countries pursuing a completely independent policy, the Azerbaijani president's press secretary, Azer Gasimov, told the AzerTAc news agency June 26.

He was commenting on the attacks on Azerbaijan carried out by various countries, international organizations and media outlets, as well as the latest resolution of PACE, the discussion held at the UN, and a report of the US Department of State.

"At the same time, every day the country is strengthening the regional cooperation and the social and political stability is fully secured," said Gasimov.

He further said that the economic development is continuing successfully, adding that Azerbaijan has already become a venue, where very authoritative international events are held.

"Naturally, the countries and individual forces, considering themselves the masters of the world, cannot stand this," said Gasimov. "They, using all the ways, are carrying out hypocritical campaigns that are based on double standards and don't fit any logic."

The western and European countries holding "black PR" campaign against Azerbaijan are currently undergoing a deep crisis, he said.

Especially, the European countries themselves are not able to pursue independent foreign policy for a long time, said Gasimov, adding that they are definitely under the full control of the countries and forces which intend to rule the world.
"As a person who has worked at the PACE for several years, I can say that a group of MPs here, choose a certain country as a target in accordance with the order given to them and start to carry out a dirty campaign against that country by all means," said Gasimov.

Sometimes, in order to create the appearance of a democratic atmosphere, these forces criticize certain big powers which instruct them, but then, direct all their energy towards the targeted country again, he added.

"The mentioned resolution was adopted by a group of MPs who fulfill the orders from above and I would even say, they do not care for the interests of their own countries," he said. "Therefore, the adoption of such documents has no value for us."

Pay attention to the discussions held at the UN: Ireland allegedly speaks on behalf of 25 countries and slanderous information is given here about Azerbaijan, he said.

The same scenario again: in order to allegedly show neutrality and objectiveness, certain countries and forces instruct a country which has nothing to do with the region, in this case, Ireland, said Gasimov.

"I assure you that the Irish representative speaking there doesn't even know where Azerbaijan is located on the world map," he said. "By what right does the representative of Ireland - the country undergoing a deep crisis and where the human rights are grossly violated - show such a biased position towards our country?"

There are huge contradictions among the countries on behalf of which the Irish representative speaks and there is sufficient information about the mass violation of human rights in all of these countries, Gasimov added.

"How come that in such circumstances 25 countries showed "unanimous" stance against Azerbaijan?" asked Gasimov, adding that when taking a look at those countries' names one can clearly see that it is a fabricated campaign.

"During those discussions Latvia's representative expressed biased opinions with regard to Azerbaijan on behalf of the European Union," said Gasimov.

He said it is a known fact that the human rights situation in Latvia itself is deplorable - treatment of other nationalities as non-citizens, closing of television channels, arrests for freedom of speech and thought, and violation of other human rights stand at such a level that even the majority of the countries in Europe acknowledge that.

"As you know, the EU is in a deep structural and economic crisis, and the mass violations of human rights in the participating countries have become something common. In such situation, the stance demonstrated by Latvia on behalf of this organization on that allegedly human rights are violated in Azerbaijan, looks very funny," he said.
Gasimov said if considering that the EU has a centralized governance system, which didn't even exist in the times of the socialist camp, it becomes clear that this stance of Latvia's representative is totally dictated.

"As for the statements and the annual report of the US Department of State that human rights are allegedly violated in Azerbaijan, I'd like to once again note that no country is allowed in a separate form officially judge on the compliance with human rights in other countries," he said.

Gasimov added that the gross human rights violations in the US, the murders of civilians by the police, the racially motivated clashes, the mass arrests, the violation of freedom of speech and other such negative cases occur so often that it becomes hard to follow them.

"It is interesting that during meetings with the representatives of the countries, the political circles and the media, who have joined the anti-Azerbaijan campaign, it can be said they all admit that such black PR is being carried out under the serious pressure of the countries, the political forces contending for power worldwide."

Gasimov further said the countries and various forces, which are engaged in slanderous and biased campaigns against Azerbaijan, will not be able to turn the country away from the stance on pursuing independent policy in the future, strengthening the regional cooperation and stability within the country.

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