Bahar Muradova: Oppositional parties not taking part in by-elections to make step behind

Politics Materials 31 January 2006 19:19

Oppositional parties not participating in by-elections of 13 May 2006 will make a step behind, the vice-Speaker of the Parliament Bahar Muradova told Trend.

She accused a number of parties, denying to take part in by-elections of the political inactivity. В"At the hearings on elections in Azerbaijan at the Council of Europe Leo Plattvoed noted the Azerbaijan opposition must take part in by-elections. However, such position of parties makes them not to do a step forward, but a step back., Muradova said.

In regard to the incapability of the election blocks, which lost the parlimentary elections to take independent decision Muradova noted it is not expedient to impede the parties, willing to participate in the elections. Each party may take its own decision in the issue, she underscored.