260,000 GBP all-body remodel down the drain as Demi Moore reveals yet more wrinkles

Society Materials 2 October 2007 11:44
260,000 GBP all-body remodel down the drain as Demi Moore reveals yet more wrinkles

(dailymail.co.uk) - She famously spent more than ?260,000 remodelling her body in a desperate bid to stave off the ravages of time.

Four years on and it seems Demi Moore is in need of a little cosmetic touch-up.

Wearing an elegant black chiffon dress and perched on a pair of four-inch high Christian Louboutin heels, the 44-year-old actress revealed a complexion marked heavily with wrinkles.

Where once her skin was taut and smooth, she now sports pronounced crow's feet and deep set wrinkles.

Heavy bags and shadowing around both eyes added to her apparent rapid aging. Ironically, her less than polished appearance came during the photocall of her new movie, Flawless.

Miss Moore's latest public appearance comes four years after she made her first visit to the plastic surgeon.

Starting with liposuction to her hips, thighs and stomach - at an estimated cost of ?16,000 - she then moved onto breast implants and ?20,000 of work to her face.

The following year, when pictures emerged of her sagging, wrinkly legs, she spent year ?5,000 perfecting her knee caps.

Three weeks ago, the American star, who has three children Rumer,19, Scout LaRue,16 and Tallulah Belle,13, with her ex-husband Bruce Willis, hit out against ageism in Hollywood.

Having failed to secure the big-money parts she presumably hoped to win, she launched a scathing attack on the film industry for not providing 'many good roles for women over 40.'

She said: "It's been a challenging few years being the age I am. Almost to the point where I felt like, well, they don't know what to do with me. I am not 20. Not 30.

"There aren't that many good roles for women over 40. A lot of them don't have much substance, other than being someone's mother or wife."

Last night, plastic surgeon Apostolos Gaitanis said: "Basically she will need botox around her eyes to make her skin smoother.

"She should also consider using small injections of hyaluronic acids and multi-vitamins to improve the texture of her cheeks.

"Other than that her skin seems to be in good condition."