Azerbaijani Separate Combined Arms Army holds command-staff exercises (VIDEO)

Society Materials 6 April 2023 14:45 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijani Separate Combined Arms Army holds command-staff exercises (VIDEO)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 6. Command-staff exercises with formations and units were held in accordance with the training plan of the Combined Arms Army for 2023, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan told Trend.

At the initial stage of the exercises, the formations, units, and subunits were put on alert, withdrawn to exercise areas and brought to different levels of combat readiness. In the areas of the combat destination, the main attention was focused on camouflaging, defense and protection of formations, units and subunits, as well as on the implementation of countermeasures against the enemy's unmanned aerial vehicles.

In accordance with the tactical conditions of exercises operations planning, the operational conditions were assessed by the headquarters, and the tasks of formations, units and subunits were specified. During the planning, the headquarters conducted tactical reports on quick decision-making by commanders of units and prepared the necessary information. The taken decisions were delivered to the units involved in practical activities through communication and automated control systems.

In the course of the exercises, the air defense units accomplished practical activities on the detection and tracking of imaginary enemy aircraft.

During the stage of practical implementation of tactical activities, special forces assaulted the combat positions and important facilities on the front line of the enemy's defense. After the positions were taken, ambushes were set on the approaching reserves of the imaginary enemy on the advance routes.

Taking advantage of the situation, the mechanized units advanced deep into the enemy's defenses with the support of artillery fire and took favorable boundaries.

In the execution of tactical activities, special attention was paid to the right and precise management of the units by the commanders and to the uninterrupted provision of all types of supplies to the subordinate units during the operations.

The reality of decisions and reports made during the computer-assisted phase of the exercises was checked on computers in the Simulation Center.

The level of readiness of the headquarters in bringing the troops into a state of combat readiness and planning operations was highly appreciated during the exercises, where the assigned tasks were accomplished as a result of the joint activities of special forces, artillery, air defense, signal, security, and mechanized units.