In 2006 Ecology Ministry intends to intensify forest regeneration

Society Materials 11 January 2006 18:04 (UTC +04:00)

In 2006 the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry intends to expand the area under the forest regeneration up to 10,000 hectares, the Ministry told Trend.

In accordance with the National program on regeneration and expansion of forestry for 2003-2008, the Ministry envisages carry out forest regeneration work and planting of new forestry at 69,700 hectares. 14,300 hectares is not in the balance of the forest fund.

From 2003 to 2005 forest regeneration work was carried out at 27,567 hectares with 11,216 hectares of new forestry. In 2005 the Ministry forecasted to carry out forest regeneration work at 9,500 hectares with 3,800 hectares of new forestry, but the figure comprised 9,720 hectares and 3,810 hectares as a result of the done work.