Last examination of Azeri officer was tendentious lawyer Imayilov

Society Materials 16 March 2006 16:28 (UTC +04:00)

The last examination for definition of psychological state of Ramil Safarov, an Azerbaijani officer who is accused of assassination of An Armenian officer, Gurgen Markarian in Budapest, was carried out in tendentious way, Adil Ismayilov, a law-defender of Safarov, told a news conference at the International Press Center, Trend reports.

Gal Katalin, who carried out the first examination, interfered into the process. During the first examination Katalin regarded the state of Safarov was responsible before and after the crime. The second examination held by Safarov estimated the state of Safarov as partially irresponsible. The court appointed the third examination to remove the contradictions between the two previous examinations. Katalin asked the court to authorize the experts that he recommended hold examination.

Ismayilov noted that the proposal was regarded as absurd and rejected. As a result, the third examination of Safarov was objective and irresponsible state of Safarov was confirmed. The judge did not accept the results of the third examination and while appointing the fourth examination Gal Katalin anew forwarded his proposal. The court charged the examination by experts not recommended by Gal Katalin, but another institute. However, at the last moment the resolution was changed and the examination was again given to experts suggested by Katalin. Consequently the results of the fourth examination coincided to the first, which urge that Safarovs state was completely responsible, Ismayilov underlined.

The lawyer announced that representatives of the Armenian Defense Ministry, the Court Martial and different military bodies participated in all hearings on Safarov. Official of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry participated only in the last hearings.