Prosecuted former senior official of Azeri Interior Ministry provided evidences on kidnapping of investigator of Prosecutor-General's Office

Society Materials 9 August 2006 16:05 (UTC +04:00)

On August 9, the former senior official of the Head Investigation Department of Azerbaijani Interior Ministry Haji Mammadov provided evidences in relation with the kidnapping of the investigator of the Prosecutor-Generals Office Murad Kazimov.

The court process on the cases of Mammadov and the criminal band led by him is chaired by the judge Ali Seyfaliyev.

Mammadov didnt inform about the requester of the kidnapping of Kazimov. I knew that his father is in possession of huge finance. I personally prepared that kidnapping plan. The plan was executed by Musa Dabuyev, Asker Iskenderov and Yagir Mammadov. Kazimov was kidnapped in front of his home and brought to me. I put him to sleep with soporific mean, he was placed into the box and delivered to the house of one of my assistants. After several days after receiving $750 thousand we released him, Mammadov told, adding that $150 th. out this amount was presented to former head of the Head Investigation Department of Azerbaijani Interior Ministry, presently prosecuted Zakir Nasirov.