OSCE Representative: Joint Work between Representatives of Authorities and Civil Society Might Be a Mechanism of Control over Human Rights Observance in Azerbaijan

Society Materials 21 December 2006 19:00 (UTC +04:00)

Christian Strohal, Chief of the Bureau for Democratic Institutes and Human Rights of OSCE, informed journalists today in Baku that the situation with human rights has always been a big challenge in all countries and that sometimes it's just luck, and in other cases a very difficult process, Trend reports.

He said that it is important when people face those difficulties connected with shortcomings in the legislation, places of detention, freedom of expression. These are very important and serious issues. And it is not simple to resolve if there has been a simple resolution of these issues, then we would not be there. There would be no need in our presence here, said Mr. Strohal.

He said that it was important to work jointly to find a solution to these problems, as well as set up the efficient legislation and mechanism for the control of supervision over the co-operation with political parties and on a domestic scale.

Touching upon the mechanism of control, the OSCE Representative noted that an example of that was frequent complaints over the ill-treatment of prisoners. Frequent visits to places of detention have translated into a successful experience in many countries. I consider this a good initiative. This might be collaboration between authorities and civil society organizations, said Mr. Strohal.