Azerbaijan Health Ministry Checks Food

Society Materials 27 December 2006 17:37 (UTC +04:00)

The Republican Centre for Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Health Ministry held a laboratory research on December 1 December 20, 2007. These checks were conducted according to the physical and chemical indicators of ten kinds of dairy products, several kinds of farinaceous foods, as well as non-alcohol drinks, caned goods, tea, coffee, confectionery foods, and salt.

As results of the checks, it became evident that 12 samples of foods did not meet with physical and chemical indicators.

On the whole, hygienic certification of 65 samples of foods was provided.

Totally 11 physical and legal persons were fined due to the violation of the regulations and rules of production, storage, and carrying, and selling foodstuff.

The activity of three facilities that did not meet with sanitation and sanitation-technical norms were suspended. These facilities were located on the territory of Sabunchu and Surakhani Districts of Baku City.

Totally 36 cases of food poisoning have been registered this year resulting in poisoning of 40 people. Likely, there were no death facts among them. Reasons of the poisonings were researched and all the suffered persons received necessary medical aid and cure.