ZAP Alias to Revive Detroit Electric Car

Business Materials 8 February 2008 05:47 (UTC +04:00)
ZAP Alias to Revive   Detroit Electric Car

( WCF ) - By the end of 2009 the world, or at least a part of it in the form of the United States of America, should have a range of electric cars under the brand Detroit Electric. Sounds familiar? If you were driving motor vehicles as early as in 1950 and beyond, the brand Detroit Electric will be known to your eyes. More info has come out regarding the company's future plans.

Today, in 2008, two companies, ZAP and China Youngman Automotive Group are far ahead with plans that involve bringing back the name Detroit Electric which was so famous 100 years ago for producing an electric car. In fact, one would probably liken that vehicle to the modern-day Toyota Prius as a number of prominent celebrities of the time drove one. These included John D. Rockefeller and Thomas Edison - for whom it would have been quite typical.

Detroit Electric is showcasing the ZAP Alias, which sounds like it will be popular with Silicone Valley nerds, as its first offering. Delegates at the North American Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) may get to see a prototype when ZAP delivers a presentation at that show. ZAP Alias has an ambition of retailing at around USD30,000 with a top speed of 100 mph or 161km/h and a range of 150 miles or 241km before recharges.

To follow will be busses and sedans, at least most of which will be manufactured in progressive California, and not Detroit, strange enough.