Georgian Transport Workers Announce Material Losses from South Ossetia Conflict

Business Materials 29 August 2008 15:19 (UTC +04:00)
Georgian Transport Workers Announce Material Losses from  South Ossetia Conflict

Azerbaijan, Baku, 29 August / Trend corr. E.Ismayilov, N.Kirtskhalia / The Georgian Railway suffered losses in the sum of 30mln lari ($21.5mln) as a result of the Georgian-Ossetin conflict in August.

"We lost 30mln lari from the beginning of the conflict," Georgian Railway said.

Railway experienced losses as a result of unstable operation of the railway due to a railway bridge was exploded in Kaspi town of Georgia on 16 August, which led to the stop in the delivery of oil products and dry cargos. Oil and oil products are delivered to the Kulevi, Batumi and Poti ports via Azerbaijan and Middle Asia.

Another Black Sea port of Poti also states about losses. The direction of the Poti port is to appeal to the International Court and demand from Russia to pay for damages. Poti lost $2mln as a result of the conflict.

The direction said that the equipment and property of the port was damaged as a result of the air bombing on 8 August ($279,000), as well as the Channel Energy, the Georgian-Turkish enterprise lost $1mln. Cassette bomb debris damaged the reservoirs in the port.

Port of Poti locating in Black Sea shore of Georgia deals with trans-shipment of light oil products dispatched through railway from Azerbaijan and through transit from Central Asia and delivery and shipment of container cargos. Capacity of oil terminal of the port reaches 3mln tons. Terminal's owner is the Channel Energy, 75% is owned by the Turkish Delta Petroleum and the rest share - by the administration of the port.

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