Great Britain Leader on Investments in Azerbaijan: State Committee

Business Materials 17 October 2008 16:20 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 17 October /corr. Trend N.Ismaylova / Great Britain continues to maintain leading position for the amount of the investments in Azerbaijan over the past nine months, with specific weight in the foreign investments at 46.1%. With a decrease of 7.5%, Great Britain remained as a key investor into economy of Azerbaijan, investing AZN 796.06mln, State Statistics Committee said. 

During January-September, 93.8% (AZN 1.62bln) of the investments by the foreign countries and international organizations in the economy of Azerbaijan fell on investors from Great Britain, the USA, Japan, Norway, Turkey, South Korea and Germany.

American investments, with a decrease of 25.4%, totaled AZN 345.69mln (with specific weight of 20%); Japanese - AZN 177.47mln (10.3%) with a decrease of 26.5%; Norwegian - AZN 110.93mln (6.4%) with a decrease of 28.5%; Turkish - AZN 125.64mln (7.3%) with an increase of 5%; Korean - AZN 37.22mln (2.1%), French - AZN 17.48mln (1%) with the increase of 2.8 times; German - AZN 27.36mln (1.6%) with an increase of 11 times; Russian - AZN 9.91mln (0.6%) with an increase of 7.4 times; Iranian - AZN 9.47mln (0.6%) with a decrease of 25.2%.

Of the international financial institutions, the highest amount of the investments fell on the World Bank totaling AZN 28.67mln, an increase of 0.2% (with 1.7% specific weight).  

This year Asian Development Bank allocated AZN 8.79 (0.5%) with a decrease of 36.8%, Islamic Development Bank - AZN 6.95mln (0.4%) an increase of 93.9%, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - AZN 5.44mln (0.3%) with a decrease of 69.6%, Kuwait Fund for Economic Development - AZN 2.91mln (0.2%) with an increase of 33.5%.

The rate on 17 October is 0.8092 AZN/USD. 

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