UniBank to commence in-house training of employees

Business Materials 4 February 2009 14:23 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, Feb. 4 / Trend /

The corporate training centre of Unibank CB, Unitraining, held 75 various training sessions and seminars in 2008, the bank said in a message on Feb. 4.

'The Unitraining Centre is a system of in-house training designed to improve the qualification of the employees and managers of the Bank of all levels,' says Sevinj Aliyeva, Co-ordinator of Unitraining, 'We developed more than 20 new training programmes and held more than 70 sessions in only last year. More than 20 corporate trainers from among the managers of the Bank trained more than 500 employees of the Bank in various skills in that period,'

Unitraining was established in February 2008 and the first trainings took off as soon as in May. The main purpose for which the Corporate Training Centre was established was to create an accessible and flexible training resource to help the department heads succeed in meeting the business goals of the Bank. The tuition systems and methods used within the frameworks of the Unitraining Project fully reflected the corporate development strategy of Unibank.

'Every training course has a clear target audience that needs to take obligatory tuition in this or that subject under the annual personnel training plan,' Sevinj Aliyeva continues, 'We always announce our monthly schedules to the whole personnel of the Bank and what is good is that the voluntary employee enrolment is often in excess of the compulsory audience, so that we sometimes even have to organise additional training courses and seminars. I think that this is the best sign that the employees of Unibank are keen on expanding their expertise and raising their qualifications.'

Unitraining specialises its training endeavour in two fields: adaptation of new employees and specialised education of existing employees. The adaptation training programme is designed to develop in new employees the knowledge of the structure, standards and values, technological and corporate features of Unibank. The specialised training programme for the existing personnel encompasses the specificity of the banking business and management, as well as development of certain skills, abilities and knowledge in the existing employees of the Bank.

Because the training is mainly reliant on internal resources, Unitraining also runs the in-house trainer training programme.

Apart from training, Unitraining also set up the personnel evaluation procedure successfully last year - the Assessment Centre that was established for the purpose helped identify the training needs of the personnel without which their training would have been incomplete. The pilot version of the Assessment Centre was conducted with the help of the expert from the Frankfurt School of Business who communicated all the necessary project implementation technologies to Unibank.

In 2009, Unitraining plans to continue the Assessment Centre operation as well as develop and implement new training courses and seminars for the employees of the Bank and start implementing the remote personnel training facility.

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