Uzbekistan increases excise tax on alcohol and tobacco

Business Materials 5 January 2012 15:02 (UTC +04:00)

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Jan 5 /Trend D.Azizov/

Uzbekistan has increased the excise duty on alcoholic beverages, alcohol and beer and tobacco products manufactured in the Republic since January 1, 2012 by an average of 16.4 per cent, compared to last year when it was 15 per cent, the State Tax Committee (STC) of the Republic told Trend quoting the relevant ruling of President Islam Karimov on Thursday.
In particular, excise duty on alcohol was set at 2.636 thousand sums per decilitre compared to 2.292 thousand sum a year earlier, brandy, 35.921 thousand sum per decilitre of finished products compared to 31, 236 thousand sum for vodka and other alcoholic beverages with volume of ethyl alcohol more than 40 per cent, 21.8 thousand sum compared to 18.956 thousand sum for brandy, vodka and other alcoholic beverages, with a volume of ethyl alcohol less than 40 per cent.

Wine excise tax rose by five percentage points from 4.744 thousand sum to 4.981 thousand sums, beer by 20 per cent, from 2.156 thousand sums to 2.587 thousand sums per decilitre.
The excise tax on cigarettes with filters was set at 10.739 thousand sums, compared to 8.949 thousand sums for one thousand units (an increase of 20 per cent), 5.183 thousand sums on non-filter cigarettes and cigarettes (previously - 4.319 thousand sums, rise of 25 per cent).
Excise duties on imports of these products in 2012 have not changed and are 70 per cent, but not less than $1 per litre of beer, $6 on wine, $7 on vodka and $14.5 on cognac.

The import of cigarettes excise tax increased by 30 per cent to $13 per thousand pieces compared to $10 a year earlier.

As previously reported the minimum wholesale and retail selling price of alcoholic beverages (except beers) has increased in Uzbekistan since January 1, 2012
The official exchange rate on January 5 is 1796.22 sum / $1