World Oil and Gas Price Review for 28 April

Azerbaijan, Baku 29 April / Trend / World oil and gas price review for 28 April is provided by Energy Intelligence Group.


Daily Oil
Prices for Monday, April 28, 2008
Crude Oil Futures -- Prompt Month ($/bbl)
    1st 5-Day 2nd 3rd
  Chg. Month Avg. Month Month
ICE Brent +0.40 116.74 115.97 116.28 115.84
Nymex Light Sweet +0.23 118.75 118.20 117.82 116.93
International Crudes ($/bbl)
    Spot 5-Day Month- Year-
Cash/Spot Chg. Price Avg. Ago Ago
Brent (Dated) -0.92 115.14 114.65 102.42 66.18
Dubai +0.24 109.76 109.58 94.44 65.22
Oman -2.02 109.88 111.63 100.50 65.63
WTI (Cushing) -0.79 118.75 118.70 101.51 63.11
Opec Basket (A) -0.62 110.01 112.07 99.77 64.71
Minas +0.45 122.98 121.94 107.68 66.72
Tapis +0.45 126.13 125.09 111.83 75.76
Forties +0.55 114.84 113.30 101.87 66.91
Oseberg +0.85 117.64 116.14 105.22 68.14
Bonny Light -0.92 119.44 116.74 105.22 69.89
Urals  -0.92 111.84 111.35 98.67 63.49
US Domestic Crudes ($/bbl)  
    Spot 5-Day Month-
Cash/Spot Chg. Price Avg. Ago
WTS (Midland) +0.18 113.37 112.48 97.66
LLS (St. James) -0.07 122.02 121.49 104.26
Mars (Clovelly)‡ +3.47 110.32 109.21 97.21
ANS (California) -0.71 118.78 118.74 101.50
Kern River (SJV) 0.00 102.29 103.90 92.15
Heating Oil/Gasoline Futures -- Prompt Month
Futures   1st 5-Day 2nd 3rd
Nymex (ў/gal.) Chg. Month Avg. Month Month
RBOB Gasoline -2.30 303.07 303.40 302.17 301.07
Heating Oil -0.40 329.88 330.04 328.76 329.36
ICE (London)          
Gas Oil ($/ton) -2.00 1083.75 1076.50 1063.50 1055.25
Gas Oil (ў/gal.) -0.63 344.05 341.75 337.62 335.00
Product Spot Markets  
   US Gulf Coast‡
    Spot 5-Day Month-
Gasoline (ў/gal.) Chg. Price Avg. Ago
Regular Gasoline -2.64 292.24 293.78 254.22
Premium Gasoline -2.64 300.74 302.28 275.97
Regular RBOB -2.14 313.99 313.93 275.97
Mid-Distillates (ў/gal.)        
Heating/Gas Oil  (B) -1.45 323.75 324.72 291.86
Low Sulfur Gas Oil/Diesel (C) -1.20 334.50 336.35 303.86
Jet Fuel -6.20 342.50 347.05 305.86
Fuel Oil ($/bbl)        
1% Sulfur +1.84 86.47 85.10 73.78
3%-3.5% Sulfur +1.50 79.13 78.43 69.72
  New York‡
    Spot 5-Day Month-
Gasoline (ў/gal.) Chg. Price Avg. Ago
Regular Gasoline -3.00 291.50 291.91 239.75
Premium Gasoline -1.50 310.50 310.21 274.25
Regular RBOB -2.25 302.50 302.71 241.00
Mid-Distillates (ў/gal.)        
Heating/Gas Oil  (B) -1.20 329.80 330.81 307.50
Low Sulfur Gas Oil/Diesel (C) +0.80 342.80 342.86 316.00
Jet Fuel +0.80 349.80 350.66 340.00
Fuel Oil ($/bbl)        
1% Sulfur +2.50 84.88 83.38 72.72
3%-3.5% Sulfur +1.50 82.38 80.88 71.38
  Rotterdam ($/ton) (F)
    Spot 5-Day Month-
Gasoline Chg. Price Avg. Ago
Regular Gasoline 0.00 827.00 827.00 827.00
Premium Gasoline 0.00 861.00 861.00 861.00
Heating/Gas Oil  (B) +19.50 1087.75 1077.50 961.00
Low Sulfur Gas Oil/Diesel (C) +29.50 1138.75 1107.30 1008.00
Jet Fuel +12.50 1192.75 1184.50 1041.00
Fuel Oil        
1% Sulfur +39.00 579.00 564.80 500.00
3%-3.5% Sulfur +8.00 498.00 494.00 461.00
    Spot 5-Day Month-
Light Ends Chg. Price Avg. Ago
Naphtha ($/bbl) +1.69 108.53 106.70 97.46
Regular Gasoline  ($/bbl) +0.70 123.77 122.37 113.36
Mid-Distillates ($/bbl)        
Gas Oil -0.42 144.50 144.65 132.71
Jet/Kerosene +0.02 144.41 143.97 130.11
Fuel Oil ($/ton)        
3% Sulfur +12.75 577.95 563.63 517.35
  Mideast Gulf
    Spot 5-Day Month-
Light Ends Chg. Price Avg. Ago
Naphtha ($/mt) +14.84 974.75 958.86 878.89
Regular Gasoline  ($/bbl) ... ... ... ...
Mid-Distillates ($/bbl)        
Gas Oil -2.69 141.69 143.99 132.91
Jet/Kerosene -2.21 138.67 140.59 127.12
Fuel Oil ($/ton)        
3% Sulfur +10.69 560.34 548.13 504.24
Natural Gas
      1st 2nd
    Chg. Month Month
US -- Henry Hub  (Nymex)  $/MMBtu +0.317 11.280 11.329
US -- Henry Hub  (Cash)  $/MMBtu +0.26 10.97 9.85
UK -- NBP  (Cash)  p/th -4.45 +64.35 ...
Produced by Oil Daily in cooperation with Reuters
Notes: All spot assessments are bid prices published by Reuters at 5.30 p.m. ET.A--Opec basket price is for previous day. Month-ago figure is 20-day average.B--No. 2 Heating Oil in US; 0.2% Gas Oil in .C--No. 2 Low Sulfur Diesel in US; Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel in .D--Low pour.E--High pour.F--All prices are f.o.b. barge quotations.G--day ahead.
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Khazar Consortium opens tender to purchase cementing unit
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Uzbekneftegaz establishing production of import-substituting products for industrial enterprises
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