SOCAR increases gas supplies to Georgia

Oil&Gas Materials 9 January 2013 16:05
По данным на 8 января, компания SOCAR (Госнефтекомпания Азербайджана) ежесуточно транспортирует в Грузию шесть миллионов кубометров газа против 4,5 миллиона кубометров по данным на 17 декабря
SOCAR increases gas supplies to Georgia

Azerbaijan, Baku, Jan. 8th / Trend, E. Ismayilov /

As of January 8th, SOCAR's (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan) daily transports to Georgia totaled six million cubic meters of gas compared to 4.5 million cubic meters on December 17th, a source at SOCAR informed Trend on Friday.

"The supply of gas to Georgia has been increased and currently stands at six million cubic meters per day," the company informed.

SOCAR supplies its own gas to Georgian customers via a pipeline that links the two countries and originates in the Gazakh region of Azerbaijan. This pipeline's volume is about three billion cubic meters of gas per year.

The company manages gas distribution networks covering various regions of Georgia through SOCAR Georgia Gas.

According to the source, gas is being supplied to Iran using swap operations. At present, this index hits one million cubic meters per day.

Azerbaijan and Iran are connected by the Gazi Magomed Astara Bind Biand pipeline which is 1474.5 kilometers in length, 296.5 kilometers of which are in Azerbaijan. This route is a branch of the Gazakh-Astara-Iran pipeline that was commissioned in 1971. Three compressor stations have been constructed along the route in Gazi Magomed, Agdash and Gazakh. The pipeline diameter is 1,200 millimetres.