Number of violations in Tengiz field in Kazakhstan

Oil&Gas Materials 14 January 2013 20:03 (UTC +04:00)

Kazakhstan, Astana, Jan.14 / Trend, D. Mukhtar /

The State Energy Supervision Committee identified the causes of the power outage to plants in Tengiz field, the press service of the Committee on State Energy Supervision and Control of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan reported on Monday.

The audit identified a number of violations, such as a failure of Tengizchevroil LLP technical staff to inspect plume connections, clamps and cables on 110 kV L-154 and L-155 overhead lines.
At the time of inspection, the dispatcher of the electrical system of Tengizchevroil LLP was missing instructions for emergency response in the power system.

It was also revealed that the current settings of distance protection do not comply with treaty obligations between Tengizchevroil and JSC KEGOC in case of emergency and repair modes of data lines. The failed T-6 transformer connection wasn't restored. Emergency automation wasn't provided on communication lines. Management over the energy system of Tengizchevroil is carried out by one person, the report says.

According to the Committee, the unscheduled inspection of the investigation of power outage causes in the Tengiz field has determined that a violation occurred regarding technological failures of a TG-9.1 turbine generator control system with 57 MW of load shedding, which was provided from a common power system through Tengizchevroil LLP power grids. At the same time, plume ignition on one of L-154lines took place. The Tengizchevroil dispatcher decided to turn off the line without considering the possibility of passing crossing the specified energy through the remainder of 110 kV transmission line. As a result of defensive action, the second line is also disabled.

"A report on administrative violations under Article 223 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan in violation of the rules of technical operation of power plants and networks and established modes of energy consumption and Article 356 on terms of default provisions and other requirements of state control and supervision was drawn up given the explored violations. Development of measures on addressing these violations is currently undertaken by the company", the press-service said.

On January 3 at 09:21 the gas turbine with 57 MW of load in the gas turbine power plant (Power Plant-3) of Tengizchevroil was disconnected due to an emergency. The investigation revealed that none of gas turbine power plants of Tengizchevroil received certificates of readiness to work during the heating season. The materials have been returned for revision with consideration of remarks. Until today, comments have not been taken into consideration and materials have not been submitted for re-investigation.