Azerbaijan May Replace Russian Electric Power with Iranian Power

Oil&Gas Materials 25 December 2006 16:34 (UTC +04:00)

Authorized expert group of Unified Electric System of Russia JSC arrived to Baku to hold the talks on tariffs and volume of the electric power to be delivered to Azerbaijan, Trend reports quoting the Press-Service of Azerenergy. Marlen Asgarov, the Vice President of Azerenergy Joint-Stock Company, informed that business and constructive approach provides grounds to say that the sides will be able to find compromise over all questions. In addition, he said that additional talks may be needed to arrange a concluding decision meeting to the interests of both sides. The volume of the electric power between Azerbaijan and Russia is carried out through electric lines Yashma-Derbend. In 2007, the volume of the electric power delivered to Azerbaijan equaled 1 bln 003 kVt, with 2,8 cent per 1 kVt. In 2006 the deliveries exceeded 770 mln kVt, with 3,636 cent per 1 kVt. By the end of the year the electricity delivery terms will be left unchanged. The previous talks with Russia focused on drop or full interruption of electricity import from Russia and increase of tariffs. Earlier, the President of Azerenerji, Etibar Pirverdiyev, said that in 2007 Azerbaijan intends to acquire 700 mln kVt electric power from Russia. According to him, the Russian side announced that it will decrease the delivery of the electric power this year. Before, during the winter period at night, the capacity of the electric power delivery equaled nearly 300 mVt. Next year this indicator will not exceed 60 mVt. If earlier the Russian side was delivering 100 kVt electric power monthly, next year this figure will decrease to 30 kVt. In addition, the Russian side appeared with an appeal to increase the tariff for the delivered electric power up to $0.041 per 1 kVt. Till November 30, Azerbaijan will sell 350 mln kVt electric power to Russia for $0.016 cent per 1 kVt at night time. In turn, the Russian side will deliver 1 bln kVt electric power to Azerbaijan for $0.03636 cent per 1 kVt in day time.

Azerbaijan insists on the invariability of the terms of the deliveries, saying that it may replace the Russian electric power with deliveries from Iran.