BP Gas Production on Shahdaniz Suspended

Oil&Gas Materials 23 January 2007 16:40

After the gas production has been recently resumed on the fisrt well, which had been driled on Azerbaijan offshore gas condensate field, Shahdaniz, Р'Р  Azerbaijan has taken a decision to continue carrying out work to eliminate technical troubles occured on a well, which caused the repeat interruption in the gas production, a source in the Company informed Trend.

The production was interrupted to ensure the safety of work being caried out, as well as to increase the eficiancy, said the source in BP.

According to a representative of Р'Р  Azerbaijan, all the BP Safety Regulations required the interruption in the gas production.

Р'Р  Azerbaijan has completed pouring grout into the first pre-drilling well, where troubles earlier occurred. The gas production on the field was suspended due to technical troubles.

A gas escape was detected at the depth of 900 meters in the first pre-drilling well of Shahdaniz Field. The gas production from the first well was launched on December 15, 2006. The daily gas production rate was 5,6 mln.cubic meters of gas and 2,500 tons of gas condensate.

8,6 bln. cubic meters of gas are expected to be produced on the stage of plateau within Stage 1 of the development of Shahdaniz field. 5,4-5,6 bln. cubic meters are expected to be produced from the field in 2007.