15 Communication Ministers to Meet under BakuTel – 2007

ICT Materials 11 October 2007 18:31

Azerbaijan, Baku / corr Trend S. Babayeva / Within the thirteenth Azerbaijani international exhibition 'Telecommunications and Information Technologies - BakuTel 2007, a meeting of communications and information technology ministers from about fifteen countries is planned, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies said on 11 October. The countries have not been named.

The conference on Governance, Partnership and Regional Networking in transition countries and newly establishing markets will be held on 21 November. Each minister will present on the telecommunications sector of his country and discuss the expansion of cooperation with other countries.

Moreover, under BakuTel it is planned to organize one more international conference on Regional Innovation Zones (RIZ): problems and solutions, which will work on four sections - Information and Communications Technologies; state policy and regulation, RIZ; the industry's role in economic development; Human Capital and development of education in an information society; and Electronic Government and E-governance.

Heads of communications administrations of the United States, Europe, CIS countries, Asia, and senior employees of giant telecommunications companies were invited to the conference as they were in the previous year.

This year the world telecommunications organization will officially support the organization of exhibitions to be held at the Sports and Concert Complex of Baku on 14-17 November. The sponsors are the World Union of Electron Communications (ITU), the Regional Commonwealth in Communications, and the Global Alliance for Information Technologies and Development (UN GAID).