People’s Computer Project May Enable Azerbaijan’s Poor Population to Improve Computer Literacy – Expert

ICT Materials 15 November 2007 18:45 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / Trend corr S. Babayeva / Implementation of People's Computer project by Microsoft Corporation, Intel and the Azerbaijani Communications and IT Ministry may give an opportunity to poor levels of Azerbaijani population to improve their computer literacy, the head of the Azerbaijani Internet-Forum NGO and Multimedia centre Osman Gunduz said.

According to Gunduz, potential users have restricted access to data resources. "Despite a visible increase in social and economic state of the Azerbaijani population, there are people who do not have money to buy a computer," he said.

When privileges are introduced and computers are sold in credit, the number of potential users will dramatically increase, Gundiz said.

"The project may be of great importance for Azerbaijan. Moreover, this project was a success in Estonia and Kazakhstan," he said. The same can be done in Azerbaijan.

Microsoft is on the verge of completion of the 'People's Computer' Project intended for presenting PC for long-term credits under low interest rates to poor strata of the Azerbaijani society. The final draft will be submitted to the Communications and IT Ministry, and onwards to the Government.

Microsoft is expected to present authorized software, with Intel presenting relevant equipment on lax conditions.

According to a rough guess of the Communications and IT Ministry, 3-4 computers fall on each 100 people in Azerbaijan. The implementation of the project will enable a 5-fold increase of the index.