Apple's slim new laptop is only 1.9 centimeters

ICT Materials 3 February 2008 09:57 (UTC +04:00)

( dpa ) - Apple has introduced the world's slimmest laptop, the MacBook Air, according to the company's Munich offices.

The density of the laptop measures between 0.4 centimetres and 1.9 centimetres. The 13.3-inch display is lit by an energy-saving LED display.

Equipped with a built-in camera, the MacBook also comes with an Intel-Core-2-Duo processor and either a 1.6- or 1.8-gigahertz chip. The MacBook air also comes with 2 gigabytes of memory, an 80 gigabyte hard drive and pre-equipped for an 802.11n wi-fi connection.

As it is so slim, the laptop has no built-in DVD drive. An external MacBook Air SuperDrive costs 99 euros (145 dollars). The notebook itself costs 1,699 euros.

Buyers can also opt for a solid state hard drive, a flash drive without moving parts, making it more resistant to shocks and letting it run faster. But the solid state drive also drives up the price - a 64 gigabyte version costs at least 2,868 euros.

During a presentation in San Francisco, Apple presented more new options, such as an external memory system dubbed Time Capsule, which comes with a WLAN base station and a hard drive, allowing wireless data backup. A 500 gigabyte version will cost 299 euros while a version with a terabyte of memory will cost 499 euros.

Additionally, Apple announced the startup of an online video rental service.