Azeri Internet Forum regards change of tariffs for local & int'l calls as inexpedient

ICT Materials 13 January 2006 14:40

The Azerbaijani Internet Forum NGO regards change of tariff for local and international calls submitted by the Communications and Information Technologies Ministry to the Tariff Council as inexpedient taking into consideration insolvency of population, Trend reports referring to the press release spread by the organization on Friday.

The message says that NGO has made appropriate address to the Tariff Council in this regard. NGO noted that the measures on change of communications tariff were not expedient due to the total economic state of the country and telecommunications sphere in Azerbaijan. According to NGO, independent experts and public organizations must participate at the consideration of the issue.

The Tariff Council received a proposal on change of the structure of tariffs, including, applying of difference in the payments by budgetary bodies and other groups.

In reply to the statements by NGO, the Communications and Information Technologies Ministry noted that changes of tariffs were necessary taking into consideration use of service by wide masses in the country and its nonconformity with world standards.