Azerbaijan to Pay for Phone Conversations Hourly is an Untimely Measure

ICT Materials 12 January 2007 17:10

Osman Gunduz, the Director of Multimedia, the Centre for Information Services and Technologies considers turning telephone conversation to paying by the hour as an untimely measure, Trend reports..

Prior to turn to hourly payments, the telecommunication Ministry should really privatize all the automatic electronic exchanges that could give an option to the subscriber to choose expensive or cheap prices. Almost all the Baku intercity telephone network is the ownership of the Azerbaijan Telecommunication Ministry. Therefore, the subscriber has no option, said Mr. Gunduz.

The second reason that turning to hourly payment is an untimely is the fact that only 10% of the internet users in Azerbaijan use dedicated telephone line. The rest will have to pay for using the telephone line overloaded with Internet.

The third reason why Multimedia Centre opposes the transition to the new payment system is Azerbaijan poor stratus turning to the heavy economic situation due to the recent increase in prices on energy carriers in the country.

Finally, the fourth reason of the discontent of Mr. Gunduz is the fact that many Azerbaijan city lines are overloaded, therefore, the subscribers will have to pay for the telephone line which occupied.

According to the centre, prior to switching to the hourly payment, it is necessary to give time to the owners of Azerbaijan companies to re-equip their resources. Otherwise, they will have no clients..