Term on Closure of a Tender on Installation of NGN Network in Absheron Prolonged

ICT Materials 31 January 2007 16:28

The Absheron Telecommunication Exchange of PA Aztelekom of the Azerbaijan Telecommunication and IT Ministry has prolonged the term on closure on a tender on the installation of NGN (Next Generation Network).Network in the peninsula

Trend reports referring to the Telecommunication Exchange, that due to the fact that only two nominees have been submitted, their applications to participate in the tender, all interested parties still may submit their applications and required documents till February 22, 2007. The tender itself is expected to be held in the office of the Absheron Telecommunication Exchange on February 22, 2007. The tender participation fee is 3.000 AZN.

NGN (Next Generation Network) is a universal multi-purpose network considered for transmitting speech, images, and data by using the commutations of packages. NGN Network ensures the quality of service necessary for different kinds of telecommunication traffic. Introducing this technology will allow the subscribers to take an advantage of using such services like VIP-telephone, voice mail, data transmission service, multimedia services, private virtual networks, unified message exchange, on-line message exchange, interactive speech reply services, interactive games, video conferences, and home manager.