Latvian Ventspils Port Resumes Russia, Kazakh Grain Exports

Kazakhstan Materials 1 September 2011 17:58

Latvia 's Baltic Ventspils Grain Terminal has resumed handling export grain from Russia and Kazakhstan after a four-year pause, the terminal's management said Thursday, Dow Jones reports.

The port that had been dropped because its charges were too high, is being used again after problems with the transportation of grain to Novorossiisk. The rail authority RZhD banned the movement of grain to the port for five to six days because so many unloaded railway wagons are queuing up at the approach to Novorossiisk.

The first trains with Russian wheat crossed the Latvian border Thursday.

The terminal has concluded agreements with Russian and Kazakh exporters to handle this year 700,000 metric tons of export grain.

The terminal will load the grain onto panamaxes which will carry cargoes of up to 70,000 tons each, mostly destined for North Africa.