Expert: Criticism of Kazakh government will not force early resignation

Kazakhstan Materials 7 November 2013 13:05 (UTC +04:00)

Astana, Kazakhstan, Nov.7
By Daniyar Mukhtarov - Trend: Criticism of the Kazakh government's work by the president and the prime minister doesn't mean its early resignation, Kazakh political analyst Eduard Poletaev said.

"The criticism by the president and prime minister is not accidental. However, it doesn't mean members of the government will resign. Rather it means that a kind of fatigue is being observed in Kazakhstan's political system. This is causing delays in the implementation of the president's decisions. Therefore mobilisation Is necessary in order to ensure the operative implementation of these orders," Poletaev told Trend on Nov. 5.

According to the political analyst, judging the measures taken by Kazakhstan's Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov after the criticism of the president during the government meeting, it can be said that he reacted promptly to the criticism.

"The fact that after the criticism some measures were taken and some deputy ministers were reprimanded shows there is a team and it works," the political analyst said.

According to the expert, despite of the fact that theoretically the resignation of the government can be expected at any time, judging by the reaction of all the ministers, the ream works smoothly.

"There will be positive motions in the government's work," Poletaev said.
On Nov.5, the implementation process of the president's orders that were given on October 11 2013 was discussed in the government under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov.

The Prime Minister emphasized the "low rates of work and insufficient attention by the ministers, governors, and generally by the government to the implementations of the president's orders". He also stressed the necessity of "operative and effective implementation of the president's orders".

In connection with the oversights in the work of state bodies, the government head reprimanded the First Deputy Minister of Industry and New Technologies Albert Rau, Deputy Minister of Regional Development Serik Nokin, Deputy Minister of Finance Ardak Tengebaev, Deputy Health Minister Bolat Tokezhanov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Marat Tolybaev, Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Arman Kyrykbaev. A number of committee chairmen and other officials were also punished.