2,500 Kazakh pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia for Hajj

Kazakhstan Materials 27 December 2006 13:30 (UTC +04:00)

(gazeta.kz) - Around 2,500 Kazakh pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia these days to execute one of five chief commandments of Islam - the Hajj, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan has informed Kazakhstan Today.

Kazakh pilgrims will also celebrate the holidays Kurban Ait and the New Year in Mecca.

The embassy of RK to Saudi Arabia organises Hajjes as per the agreement signed between the Spiritual Department for Muslims of Kazakhstan and the Ministry for Hajj Affairs of Saudi Arabia. The embassy having established direct contacts with corresponding Saudi Ministries and other authorities resolves all organisational issues related with the pilgrims from Kazakhstan, reports Trend.

In order to explain the order of religious ceremonies during the Hajj the embassy has published a special brochure in Kazakh that is distributed among the pilgrims. Besides, fifty Kazakh students studying theology in Universities of Mecca and Medina are voluntarily helping the pilgrims that don't speak Arab and making their first Hajjes.

Due to the fact that the Kurban Ait and the New Year coincide with the Hajj dates the embassy of RK to Saudi Arabia gave a reception for the pilgrims in the sacred city of Mecca.