Iran’s non-oil foreign trade surpasses $35.76 bln in 5 months

Iran Materials 2 September 2014 12:40 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 2

By Umid Niayesh - Trend:

Iran's non-oil exports (excluding gas condensates) surpassed $13.782 billion during the 5-month period from March 21, which indicates an increase by 9.34 percent compared to the same period of the preceding year (Iran's fiscal year starts on March 21).

Iran exported some 31.86 million tonnes of non-oil goods during that period which is 1.79 percent less compared to the 5-month period of last year, according to the Iranian Customs Administration's latest report released Sept. 2.

The country's total exports including gas condensates and petrochemicals stood at $19.639 billion, 20.83 percent more compared to the last fiscal year's first 5 months.

Iran exported $5.857 billion worth of gas condensates during that period, which indicates an increase by 60.5 percent in comparison with the same period of preceding year.

Meanwhile, the country's petrochemical exports surpassed $5.699 billion, 28.94 percent more compared to the last year's first five months.

Condensates and petrochemicals shared 29.82 percent and 29 percent of Iran's total non-oil exports respectively during the period.

Liquefied propane worth $908 million, methanol worth $717 million, liquefied butane worth $662 million and oil tar worth $519 million also topped the list of Iran's exported non-oil goods.

The Islamic Republic also imported about $21.981 billion worth of goods during the period, which indicates a rise by 33.58 percent, compared to the 5-month period of the preceding year (21 March, 2013 to 22 August 2013).

Wheat worth $1.1 billion, motor vehicles with internal combustion engine worth $803 million, rice worth $764 million and corn fodder worth $579 million topped the list of Iran's imported goods.

China was the main target of Iran's exported goods in the first five months of the current Iranian fiscal year. Some $3.842 billion worth of Iran's exported none-oil goods went to China during the period, 33.97 percent more compared to same period of preceding year, however the country's imports from Iran registered a 7.15 percent decline and stood at 11.98 million tonnes.

Iraq, the UAE, Afghanistan and India were other top importers of Iranian goods during the mentioned period. The countries imported $2.211 billion, $1.504 billion, $1.078 billion and $884 million worth of Iranian goods, respectively.

While the value of UAE and Afghanistan's imports from Iran stood approximately at the same level compared to the preceding year, Iran's exports to Iraq and India has fallen by 9.46 percent and 10.1 percent respectively.

The United Arab Emirates, China, India, South Korea and Turkey were the leading exporters of goods to Iran. They exported $5.6 billion, $4.86 billion, $1.79 billion, $1.72 billion and $1.57 billion worth of goods to Iran during the period.

The UAE's exports to Iran has increased by 71.75 percent during the period, meanwhile the exports of China, India, South Korea and Turkey to the country indicates increase by 66.16 percent, 10.41 percent, 10.6 percent and 12.26 percent respectively in comparison with first five months of last fiscal year.

The mentioned five countries share 70.76 percent of Iran's total imports' value in the period.