LG LAN-9600R all-in-one in-car entertainer, GPS navigator

Iran Materials 13 December 2006 17:54 (UTC +04:00)

(mobilemag) - the Motorola RIZR Z3 is fairly in-depth, and gives us a pretty good idea of how the menu remains largely unchanged from, well, when color screens first hit Motorola's lineups. Whether that's a plus or minus is largely up to you, reports Trend.

To recap, the main features include a RAZR-thin form factor, 2.0 megapixel camera with flash and video, stereo Bluetooth, USB 2.0, integrated media player, microSD expansion, and 20MB of internal memory. Slim and sliding, the quad-band GSM Motorola RIZR Z3 is available through an importer near you.