Iran’s widespread unemployment soars - official statistics

Business Materials 4 July 2017 12:01

Baku, Azerbaijan, July 4

By Khalid Kazimov – Trend:

Statistical Center of Iran has put the country’s unemployment rate for the past spring at 12.6 percent.

According to the organization’s latest report, the figure has grown by 0.4 percent year on year.

In the meantime, the country’s unemployed active population has increased by 0.1 percent, the report added.

The report further suggests that the economic participation rate in Iran has improved by 1.1 percent compared to last spring and 1.7 percent compared to winter.

According to the report, 26.4 percent of youth in age-group of 15-29 year-old were unemployed in spring.

The report indicated that the service sector in the studied period hired 49.8 percent of the country’s labor force.

The industrial sector with 31.5 percent and agricultural sector with 18.7 percent ranked second and third in employing the country’s labor force.

All Iranians aged over 10 years, who worked at least one hour a week, or temporary left their work during the survey week, were included as employed labor force in the report.