Social sector in Azerbaijan ( january-september 2011)

Community income

According to the data provided by the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan, in January-September 2011, the nominal income of the population totaled AZN 21.776.3 billion which is 19.2 percent more as compared to January-September 2010.

Thus, during this period, the nominal income of the population per capita increased by 17.6 percent to 2.409.9 manat. Thanks to the socially oriented programs and government decrees, the rate of income growth surpassed last year's growth rate for this indicator. So, in January-September 2010, the nominal income rose by 11.3 percent, while per capita income by 10.0 percent.

Major indices, characterizing money incomes of the population


Actual figures in 2011

As compared to 2010 (%)

Nominal incomes of population, in mln manat



Per capita population, manat



Money incomes in hands, in mln manats.



Per capita population, manat



Source: State Statistics Committee

In January-September 2011, Azerbaijani citizens distributed their income in following way: 65.9% on purchase of goods and services, 7.9% - obligatory payment and fees, 24.4% - purchase of foreign currency and increase of savings.

Real community incomes after the payment of taxes and membership fees made up 20.046.2bln manat or 20.5% more than last year. Real per capita community income made up AZN 2218.5 with rise of 19.0%.

Thus, during the reported period the money expenditure comprised AZN 16.070.9bln or AZN 5.705.4bln less than the incomes of population, but 12.8% more than the expenses in 2010. (Source: State Statistics Committee, calculations by Trend).


The salary is one of the key social and economic indicators, which sufficiently enough characterizes the level of the prosperity of the working part of the population. Thus, the amount of average monthly salary in Azerbaijan in January-July 2011 comprised AZN 354.5 or 9.5% more than the same period of 2010.

In September 2011 the average wage 32.4 percent exceeded the average cash income per capita per month (267.76 manat).

Wages in the extractive industry 3.326 times exceeds the average salary in the country and 4 times - salaries in the public sector.

Over the first nine months of 2011, the average wage in the extractive industry was 1.179.1 manat (13.6 percent annual growth), being higher than the average wage in the oil sector (1.169.7 manat). The average salary for the industry as a whole accounted for only 520 manat (+17.6 percent), manufacturing - 351.9 manat (+21.7 percent). At the same time, salaries in the state industry was 445.5 manat, in the private industry - 630.8 manat.

The wages in non-oil sector as of Oct. 1 was 331.7 manat, in the public sector - 292.2 manat, in the non-public sector - 457.1 manat.

Labor market

As of Oct. 1, there were 39,400 unemployed people, with 43 percent woman, the State Statistics Committee reported. Two unemployed claim for one vacancy in the country.

During the reported period, the economically active people in Azerbaijan made up 4,597,900 including 1,370,200 people as hired workers. Of the hired people, 853,700 people work in the public sector and 501,300 - in private.

Of the hired employees involved in the production spheres: 20.7 percent in industry, 2.6 percent in extracting and 5.7 in processing, 5.6 percent in construction, 2.9 percent in agriculture, forestry and fishing, 25.4 percent in education, 19.8 percent in wholesale and retail trade, repair of automobiles, home wares and personal things, 10.0 percent in health and social services, 4.7 percent in transport, 1.8 percent - in communications, 0.7 percent - in real estate operations, 1.6 percent in financial and insurance activities and 1.0 percent in other spheres.

As of October 1, 2011 the largest number of unemployed was registered in Baku and eighteen districts of Aran economic region.

Distribution of unemployed individual and those who receive unemployment benefit in regions as of October 1, 2011

Individuals with unemployed status

Individuals who receive unemployment benefits




Absheron region






























Source: State Statistics Committee

In January-September 2011, the unemployment benefit in Azerbaijan fell by 6.3 percent since the beginning of the year, but increased by 1.07 percent compared to August. The average unemployment benefit as of Oct. 1, 2011 was 178.8 manat compared to 177 manat as of Sept. 1, 176.1 manat as of Aug. 1 and 176.5 manat as of Jan. 1, 2011.

As of Oct. 1, 2011, the benefit was received by 2,291 people compared to 2,458 people as of Sept. 1.

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