Weekly tenders in the region (March 11 - 16)

Analysis Materials 19 March 2013 12:23 (UTC +04:00)

Turkmen refinery announces international tender

The Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries has announced an international tender for design and execution of the full range of works to create an automated accounting system of oil and oil products at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries with a unified system for collecting, processing and transmission (SKADA).

All interested companies must submit a written request to participate in the tender, by indicating full name, legal status, country of registration, bank details and contact numbers;

- read the 'Rules for competitive selection of suppliers of material and technical products for oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan';

- obtain specifications on the Lot and technical requirements;

- obtain tender documents by paying $1150 for the Lot;

The bids will be sent to the Department of Foreign Economic Relations of the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries.

Address: Turkmenistan, Balkan velayat, Turkmenbashi, Turkmenbashi oil refinery.

Bids are accepted up to 17:00 (local time) on 20 May 2013.

The account will be specified when submitting a written application.

Bid packages must be delivered to the above mentioned address after the notification is published and considered after the transfer of funds to the account.

For additional information please call: 993 243 2-52-66;
Tel / fax: 993 243 2-45-44, 2-22-04

Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund to acquire insurance services

The Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund (AMF) under the Central Bank of Azerbaijan has announced a tender for the acquisition of insurance services, the AMF informed.

The tender consists of three lots, one of which involves insurance for motor vehicles owned by the fund, the second - compulsory insurance of the fund's office building and civil liability for its maintenance as well as insurance of movable property located in the building, the third - medical insurance for employees.

Participation fee for each lot is 50 manat.

Bids are accepted until 18:00 on April 9. Unsealing will take place on April 10, 2013.

For additional information, please contact Farid Asgarov at 441-24-23 (111).

CNPC to hold tender for well cementing services in Turkmenistan

CNPC International (China National Petroleum Corporation International) has announced a pre-qualification process for a tender to render the well cementing services on the Bagtyyarlyk contract area in Lebap region, Turkmenistan.

The volume of the well cementing operations is about 35 wells in 2014-2015.

Any company interested in the tender may apply to participate in the tender by indicating the following information and submitting the documents: information about the company, the company's registration documents and the power of attorney to the authorized representative, experience in well cementing in the gas fields with high blood pressure, in particular, H2S, CO2.

The deadline for applications is 10 days after the tender information is published.

Address: Bitarap Turkmenistan shaely 553/3, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
Telephone: +993 12 44-54-34
Fax: +993 12 44-5044

CNPC announces tender to purchase pipes for drilling in Turkmenistan

CNPC International (China National Petroleum Corporation) has announced a pre-qualification tender to purchase casing for drill wells in the Bagtyyarlyk contract area.

Details will be provided in tender documents (ITB).

All casing shall be delivered in three batches from August 2013 to April 2014.

The casing provided by the companies should have long term operational practice and evidence of good quality and high security .

In order to guarantee the quality and terms of delivery, casing pipes according to an API standard and casing with plain pipe ends not meeting the API standard, should be manufactured by an established international universal metallurgical plant with large and medium volume production areas.


- All casing shall be manufactured in accordance with API and ISO as well as other international acceptable standards;

- All casing must be rigorously tested prior to delivery;

- International experience or experience in Turkmenistan in the provision of similar casing;

- All casings must meet the requirements for well construction and operation of high pressure gas fields as well as fields with high content of H2S and CO2;

- All casing must meet technical requirements of CNPC International.

Tender applicants should submit a summary of the company including information on the company's registration and annual production of casing.

Given the applicant is an agent for the sale of casing, he must provide information about the manufacturer including a document on empowerment from the manufacturer, information on the types of manufactured casings, annual volume of production and sales of casing over the past three years.

Deadline for submitting applications is within 10 days after publication of the announcement of the tender.

Address: Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Bitarap Turkmenistan shaely 553/3

Tel.: +993 12 44-54-34
Fax: +993 12 44-5044

Burren Resources Petroleum Ltd announces tender in Turkmenistan

A branch of "Burren Resources Petroleum Limited" announced a tender to supply low pressure water pump.

Tender number - ITT 45-11

Tender closing date - 17:00 (local time), April 4, 2013

All companies interested in participating should send an official request to the contracts coordinator (e-mail address: [email protected] and the copy to [email protected]) to obtain an official invitation to tender.

Petronas Charigali announces tender in Turkmenistan

Petronas Charigali Company invites companies to participate in a tender.

- PCT) EXP) 2012/048 - delivering equipment and rendering services for the evaluation and exploitation drilling company in 2013-2016, Block 1, offshore, Turkmenistan.

For participation in the tender companies should submit the following documents:

An application letter for participation in the tender (mention the number and the name of the tender); Letter of attorney to an accredited representative on the right to submit an application; Copies of the registration documents of a company in Turkmenistan (for affiliated branches); List of relevant work experience.

Applications are admitted during working hours (8.00 - 17.00, local time) during 14 (fourteen) calendar days since the date of announcement at Beyik Saparmurat Turkmenbashi Shayoly 81, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan or by e-mail: [email protected]

Turkmenistan extends tender to reconstruct enterprise of food industry

The Turkmen Food Industry Association announces about extending an international tender for design and reconstruction of the following enterprises:

1. Altyn Asyr Company for confectionery production with a capacity of 3000 tons per year in Mary province.

2. Lebap-Lezzet Company for confectionery production with a capacity of 5000 tons per year in Turkmenabat, Lebap province.

Deadline for receiving bids is April 12, 2013.

The technical specification and application form for participation in the tender can be obtained from the Turkmen Food Industry Association at Ashgabat, Archabil Avenue, 92 (Room A307, B333).

For additional information, please, call: (99312) 44-75-81, 44-75-61, 44-75-84.

Turkmenistan to purchase gas production equipment

SС "Turkmengaz" announced a tender for purchase of materials and equipment for its own use.

Tender № T/GAZ-007

Lot No.2 - Gas production equipment.

To participate in the tender it is required:

- to submit a written application on the intention to participate in the tender, indicating full name, legal status, country of registration and requisites to: Ashgabat, 1939, Archabil Av. 56, SC "Turkmengaz", 1939 Ashgabat (applications are not accepted from companies registered or having bank accounts in offshore zones);

- to get familiar with the rules of the competitive selection of suppliers of material and technical products for the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan;

- to receive the lot specification and the technical requirements;

- to receive tender documents by paying $230 (two hundred thirty) per lot.

Bids are accepted until 16:00 (local time), 29 March 2013.

The account for money transfer will be indicated when submitting the written application.

Packages with the bids must be delivered to the above-mentioned address after the publication of the announcement and will be considered after receiving the payment at the account.

E-mail address: [email protected]
For more information contact: (99312) 40 - 37-40 (fax), 40-37-39, 40-37-42

Turkmenistan to purchase drilling equipment

Turkmengeologia State Corporation has announced a tender for the purchase of bits and spare parts for mud pumps (UNB-600A) in national currency:

- Lot No. 2 - General factory equipment.

All interested companies are required:

-To submit a written application for participation in the tender, indicating full name, legal status, country of registration and details at the following address: Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, 11, Archabil shaely, 56;

-To become familiarized with rules of tender on selection of suppliers of material and technical goods for petroleum complexes of Turkmenistan;

-To obtain a package of tender documents by paying 200 manat per lot + 30 manat VAT.

The account for transfer of the above mentioned sum will be specified when submitting a written application. Packages with tender proposals will be considered after transfer of funds to the account.

Tender proposals are accepted until 12:00 (local time) within 10 days from the date of publication of this announcement.