Weekly tenders in the region (April 15-19)

Tender for oil-refining equipment purchase held in Uzbekistan

Uzbek-Russian JV Jarkurganneftepererabotka (Surkhandaryo province) announced a tender for the purchase of oil refining equipment with an opening bid of $39 million, a representative of the National Holding Company (NHC) Uzbekneftegaz said.

According to him, the tender was announced for a turnkey purchase of the equipment in order to increase the refining capacity of bituminous (heavy) oil in the licensed area of the joint venture. Tender offers are accepted until May 12 and the results planned to be summed up in the first half of this year.

The project at a cost of $42.3 will increase the production of gasoline, diesel and heating oil, as well as bitumen in 2016 twofold on average by increasing the resource base of the enterprise and expanding its refining facilities.

SP Jarkurganneftepererabotka was created in 2003 by the Russian LLC company Petromaruz (St. Petersburg) with a 55 per cent stake and OJSC Jarkurganneft with a 45 per cent share.

In September 2005, the joint venture commissioned a 'heavy' oil refining plant. The design capacity of the plant is 130,000 tons of crude heavy oil per year used for the production of 60,000 tons of bitumen and 50,000 tons of diesel fuel.

OJSC Jarkurganneft is a part of the Uzneftegazdobycha JSC which is a subsidiary company of Uzbekneftegaz.

Jarkurganneft is developing eight oil fields in Surkhandaryo province where Uzbekistan's main heavy oil deposits are concentrated. The largest of them is Kokaydy, explored in 1939.

Fire-fighting equipment to be purchased in Turkmenistan

An organisation has announced a tender to purchase products in the following lot:

Lot No 2 - Supply of fire geniculate telescopic hydraulic lifts for the Turkmen Interior Ministry.

The concerned organisations, enterprises and firms must send their proposals to the following address: Chary Nurymov street, old building of the Officer's House of the Turkmen Defence Ministry, Ashgabat.

The payment for participation in the tender is $200.

The applications and proposals are accepted from 16:00 to 17:00 local time until May 13, 2013.

Telephone: (99312) 21-55-44.

Turkmenistan announces tender for cement plant production

The Turkmencement Production Association under the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan announces a tender for the development of requirements under specification for the construction of a cement plant with a capacity of one million tons of clinker per year in Baharly district of Akhal province.

All interested individuals, enterprises and organisations are invited to contact: Archabil, 84, Turkmencement PA, 3rd floor, rooms No. 310 and 312, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Bids are accepted until April 30, 2013, 17:00 (domestic time).

Contact phones: (99312) 44-46-23, 44-46-22, 44-46-17.

Burren Resources Petroleum Ltd announces tender in Turkmenistan

A subsidiary company of Burren Resources Petroleum Ltd announces a tender to supply steel and rebar stocks:

- Tender name ITT 2013/100084

Tender Closing Date is May 10, 2013, 17:00 (local time).

All interested companies must submit a formal application to the coordinator of the contract and supply department. e-mail: [email protected] and procurement specialist [email protected] to receive a formal invitation to participate in the tender.

Turkmenistan to purchase emergency rescue motor vehicles

An organisation has announced the extension of the tender for the purchase of products under the following lots until April 24, 2013:

Lot No.21 - Purchase of rescue and special-purpose vehicles for the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan.

Interested organisations, enterprises and firms may submit their proposals to the following address: Ashgabat, Chary Nurymov Str. (former) Officers House of the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan.

Fee for participation in the tender is $200 (two hundred).

Applications and proposals are accepted from 16:00 to 17:00 local time until April 24, 2013.

For additional information, please call: (99312) 21-55-44.

Turkmen oil and gas ministry extends tender

The Turkmen Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources is extending a tender to purchase material-technical resources for the needs of "Turkmennebitonumleri" (Turkmen oil products) head department:

- Lot No 6 A-98 (A-100) petrol in 200-liter containers.


Address: 56, Archabil avenue, the Foreign Economic Relations Department, 21st floor, 22nd room, 1939, Ashgabat

Interested parties must:

-Submit a written application to participate in the tender, indicating full name, legal status, country of registration and details (the bids are not accepted from the companies registered or having banking accounts in offshore zones).

-Read the rules of the tender of choosing suppliers of the material-technical goods for the Turkmen oil and gas complex;

-Get the specification of lot and technical requirements

-Get a package of tender documents by paying $230 (VAT included) per lot.

Tender bids are accepted till April 10, 2013.

The account will be specified when submitting a written application. Packages with tender bids will be accepted from the day of publication and will be considered after transferring funds to the account.

Telephone: (99312) 40-36-02; (fax) 40-36-14.

Turkmen state concern to purchase equipment for compressor station

Turkmengas State Concern announces a tender for purchase of material and technical equipment for the company.

Lot No. 6 - turbo compressor unit buildings and overhead cranes for Malay booster station
Interested companies are invited to:

- submit a written request (applications will not be accepted from companies registered or having bank accounts in offshore areas) on the willingness to participate in the tender, indicating full name, legal status, country of registration and details;

- read the 'Rules for competitive selection of suppliers of material and technical products for oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan';

- obtain specifications on the Lot and technical requirements;

- obtain tender documents by paying $230 for the Lot;

Bids are accepted until 4:00 pm domestic time, April 24, 2013.

The account for cash transfer will be specified when submitting a written application.

Packages with the bids must be delivered to the following address starting from the publication of the announcement and will be considered after the transfer of money to the account: Ashgabat, 1939, Archabil Av. 56, 13th floor, Turkmengas State Concern.

E-mail address: [email protected]
Contact numbers: (99312) 40 - 37-40 (fax), 40-37-39, 40-37-42

CNPC announces tender in Turkmenistan

CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) has announced the prequalification process for a tender for project management for the construction of power plants (220 kW) and the expansion of the existing power plants in the Bagtyyarlyk Contract Area in Turkmenistan.

Tender number is CIT-13031 & 32-SR.

In order to effectively control over the safety, quality, progress of work and expense for the above objects, the contractor is required to undertake efficient management of the facility, which will have overall responsibility for the management and administration of the object. The scope of the work includes, but is not limited to the following items:

- Preparation of tender documents, conducting the process prior to handling the contract to the contractor, selection of the contractor for the main design as well as the ERSS contractor and other contractors;

- Control over the work on the basic design and optimization of projects in accordance with the company's goals;

- Preparation of documentation for the procurement and control over the procurement of equipment;

- Monitoring, management and control over the ERSS-contractors attracted by the company for the implementation of specific project activities;

- Management of the object: control over payments, changes, etc.
- Control and coordination of the detailed design at the ERSS-contractor's office;

- Assisting the company and the ERSS-contractor during initial commissioning and testing activities;

Any company interested in this tender may apply for participation through the provision of the following information and documentation:
- Information about the company;

- The company's registration documents and a power of attorney for an authorized representative for the right to submit an application;
- Experience in providing project management services within the last three years.
The deadline for applications is within 10 days after publication of tender information.
Address: Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Bitarap Turkmenistan shaely 553/3.
Tel.: +993 12 44-54-34
Fax: +993 12 44-5044.

Applications may be sent by courier, e-mail or fax.
CNPC International (Turkmenistan), Ashgabat, 37 Archabil shaely, "Dayanch" hotel
Tel.: +993-12-44-51-01 / 02/03/04,
Fax: 44-50-00.

Turkmen State Concern announces tender on audit

The Turkmengas State Concern announced an international tender for consulting services on the holding technical, technological, marketing and economic audit in the sphere of petrochemistry, gas chemistry and chemistry.

Interested companies are invited to:

- Submit a written request expressing the desire to participate in the tender indicating full name, legal status, country of registration and details;

- Read the rules of tenders to select contractors for the design and construction of industrial and social facilities of oil and gas complex and fishery of Turkmenistan;

-Get the package of tender documents, paying $1,150 with VAT included.

Bids are accepted until 15:00 local time April 26, 2013. The account will be specified when submitting a written application.

Packages with tender bids will be accepted from the day of publication and will be considered after transferring funds to the account.

Telephone: (+99312) 40-33-54, 40-32-50, fax (+99312) 40-32-51.

Turkmenistan to purchase multimedia equipment

The Education Ministry of Turkmenistan announces about extending the tender:

Lot No.1 - Purchase of multimedia equipment for educational institutions of Turkmenistan.

All interested organizations, enterprises and firms are required to submit their bids and proposals to: Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Archabil Avenue, 104.

Applications and proposals are accepted until 18:00 (local time) on April 29, 2013.

For more information, please call: (99312) 44-84-84, 44-86-51.

Railroad electrification project tender announced in Uzbekistan

State Joint Stock Railway Company (SJSRC) 'O'zbekiston temir yo'llari' ('Uzbekistan Railways') announced a tender for the purchase of equipment at the total cost of at least $51 million for electrification of 'Marokand-Karshi' railroad in the south of Uzbekistan, the company's representative said.

According to report, the tender was announced for turn-key equipment deliveries on three lots: transformer substations and overhead contact system, alarm, centralization and blocking system (ACB), and SCADA telecommunication system.

Bids are accepted until June 18, the results are planned to be summarized in the third quarter of this year.

SSRC "Uzbekistan Railways" has started electrification of 140.8-kilometer 'Marokand-Karshi' railroad section in January 2012.

The project at the cost of $168.6 million also includes the reconstruction of the locomotive depot in Karshi city, the administrative center of Qashkadarya Region, for the operation of the new railway line "Tashguzar-Bojsun-Kumkurgan." The project is scheduled for completion by 2015.

Temiz Sheher JSC announces tender for dam construction on Boyukshor Lake

Temiz Sheher JSC ("Clean City") has announced a tender for the purchase of works on preparation of construction documents for the construction of a dam in the area that delimits the Boyukshor lake and risk area with the highest concentration of harmful substances of the Balakhany polygon, according to the company's statement.

All interested individuals and companies may obtain additional information by contacting 464-41-11.

Tender proposals will be accepted until April 26, 2013.

Temiz Sheher JSC's main goal in the management of the Balakhany polygon is to reconstruct the polygon by the end of 2013 in accordance with all health and environmental standards of the European Union, create a system for collecting biogas, generated during the decomposition of waste and drainage system, to prevent wastewater from entering the soil. Thus, it will be possible to limit the ingress into the atmosphere of toxic gases contributing to the "greenhouse effect", prevent the poisoning of groundwater, reduce the negative impact on human health and the environment, as well as ensure the use of the polygon in a constructive way. These works are also the preparatory stage for the Integrated Solid Waste project sponsored by the World Bank. The project, along with the reconstruction of the Balakhany polygon in accordance with international standards, provides control over the environmental impact and the preparatory work for the construction of a new generation of modern polygons.

Turkey's data says Kyrgyzstan lowers import of its defense products
Turkey's data says Kyrgyzstan lowers import of its defense products
Turkmenistan increases imports of dried legumes from EAEU countries
Turkmenistan increases imports of dried legumes from EAEU countries
Export of cars to Kyrgyzstan spiked - Turkish Ministry of Trade
Export of cars to Kyrgyzstan spiked - Turkish Ministry of Trade
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Turkey's data says Kyrgyzstan lowers import of its defense products
Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office reveals those killed due to Armenia's attack on Barda
Children killed and wounded as result of Armenian Armed Forces’ missile attack
Armenia used cluster Smerch missile against civilians in Barda - Assistant to Azerbaijani president
Russia rises import of Turkish defense products
Turkish, Russian FMs discuss situation in Nagorno-Karabakh region
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Expo Georgia to host agro exports forum in Online B2B Format
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Amount of transactions in national currency at Turkmen exchnage in September 2020
Kazakhstan’s government to expand work on attracting US companies to co-op
Uzbekistan sets up special program for incoming foreign tourists
Bank lending to Azerbaijani regions increases
Iranian deputy FM to visit Moscow to discuss situation related to Karabakh conflict
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