Analysis Materials 20 December 2005 12:05 (UTC +04:00)

Starting from 1990s Azerbaijan has reminded a large construction area. The center of the city looks like a trench and sauna: people have nothing to breath! Every year 100kg of dust filtrates through a human body. The dust can have negative impact on the lungs. An only protection is the plantings, which unfortunately dies in battles with the many storey buildings.

According to the State Statistics Committee, since the beginning of 2005 has given permission for construction of 1813 facilities of production and non-production appointment with the total amount of 1783.6bn manats. 806 of the facilities trade and service appointment, 844 вЂ" dwelling houses, 32 вЂ" transport, 39 вЂ" industrial, 13 вЂ" agriculture, while 79 вЂ" referred to other sphere of economy.

In this period the permission was given for the construction of bloc of flats in the area of 2092,700 sq m. 2088,200 sq m of the buildings will be constructed by private organizations, while 4,500 sq m вЂ" state organizations. More than half buildings (69.1%) are constructed in Baku, while the relevant work continues in the region as well. Рў

More than 270 houses have been built in Baku. They are as a rule more than 16 floors. The apartments are purchased not only by the local people, but also residents of Baku. The number of foreigners among the owners of the new apartments is almost 50%. The property market over the past few months has become active due to intensification of reserved demand. The potential buyers put aside the plans of purchase of apartments due to different reasons, including drop in prices, or hope for State Program on mortgage crediting. In accordance with the history of mortgage credits, purchase of houses in this way was the resolution of accommodation problems in Europe.

The point is that unlike the some developed countries no one consults with the geologists, seismologists, geophysics and hydro-geologists. Over the past 30-50 years the load on soil has increased, and it cause its "bulging" and slip of houses. For instance, the many storey-buildings in the United States are as a rule built in the business centers outskirts of the city. In difference to Baku, the old buildings are left untouched, whilst the new ones are built in the plain areas. The same practice could save Baku from traffic jams and unload of the city center from people and cars.

Baku is located in the seismically dangerous zone, and special concrete is required for the construction of building with more than 9 floors. Emil Akhundov, an honorary architect of Azerbaijan, said that the concrete manufactured in the local plants can be used in the construction of building with no more than 9 floors in the seismic zone.

To date around 80% of concrete materials in the local market are made of metal of local production. The concrete made in Russia and Ukraine enters the local market in the limited amount and high prices. For instance, concrete of Ukraine production costs $630-670 per ton against $560 per ton of concrete of domestic production.

Many producers connect the cost of the construction material not only with the rise of bill overhead expenses (electricity, gas, upgrade of production), but also market factor. The same time the construction of bloc of flats in 2002-2003 grew inadequately вЂ" almost twice.

Major reason is certainly demand, which is caused by supply. For instance, the construction of hotels is the most attractive sphere of investing in economy today. There are currently 245 hotels and facilities with the same appointment in the country against 149 hotels in 2001. Nevertheless, the Minister for Youth, Sports and Tourism still regards the number of hotels n the country as insufficient..

The government and private investors today put considerable capital in civil construction. Insufficiency in parking in Baku, in particular in the city centre, is inevitable. Over the past few years the government has adopted program and standard documents concerning the garage construction in the city. A joint venture owned by Azerbaijani and German companies is pending for the construction of a two-storey underground garage in the territory of Sahil garden. IN accordance with the plan, the construction will be carried out in compliance with the international standards with less damage to environment.

The Baku Mayoral Office has received proposals in connection with the new project, which envisages purchase of all houses in the territory from Heydar Aliyev Palace to Fizuli square by local entrepreneurs. They will be fully destroyed and park will be built in the area. It is also panned to build 3-storey garage and tunnel meeting the advanced standards.