Russia sees reliable ally in Azerbaijan, doesn't intend to retain Armenia - Russian expert

Commentary Materials 9 May 2018 15:05 (UTC +04:00)
Armenia is not following the right path, and Russia now sees more clearly what is happening in this country
Russia sees reliable ally in Azerbaijan, doesn't intend to retain Armenia - Russian expert

Baku, Azerbaijan, May 9

By Fikret Dolukhanov, Ilkin Shafiyev - Trend:

Armenia is not following the right path, and Russia now sees more clearly what is happening in this country, Russian political analyst and expert on international issues Evgeny Mikhailov told Trend commenting on the election of Armenian opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan as the prime minister.

He said that Pashinyan will hardly follow his current theses, as they are needed only to please the Armenian people.

"If Serzh Sargsyan, a great friend of Russia, could not make Armenian people live well, then Pashinyan, who was brought to the power by the forces seeking to break Armenia's alliance with Russia, will not make Armenian people happy. They fed with the cookies, promised a good future and that is all," Mikhailov said.

Mikhailov noted that Russia now sees more clearly what is happening in Armenia, which is not following the right path, trying to sit on several chairs.

"There are no miracles: either you are with us, or you are against us. Under the current situation, no one, except Russia, will support Armenia, no one, except us, needs it. So it was historically. Perhaps, now the time has come to look differently at the historical partnership. And not to hinder Armenia in its desire to go under someone else's wing. Let it go! Let it go, only itself, " Mikhailov said.

Russia, according to him, needs to draw conclusions and take other political decisions, which, among other things, can also contribute to deepening the ties with Azerbaijan.

"As a politician, Pashinyan will stand by those, who brought him to the power. First, he declares that he will keep Karabakh, strengthen the army, support the separatist regions, then Pashinyan declares that he is a supporter of a peaceful settlement. And what he can say visiting Khankendi ? Is he going to say "we're leaving you"? Of course, Pashinyan will say that he will continue the policy of uniting Armenian people, territories and so on, "the expert believes.

According to Mikhailov, the current situation is dangerous because the forces, who for the sake of certain goals will try to heat up conflict and for whom does not matter the fact that peoples of Azerbaijan and Armenia will suffer as a result, can support Pashinyan.

"There is one goal - to shatter Russia, shatter the territories near Russia, increase terror threat for Azerbaijan and Russia. Karabakh is also the central point of the South Caucasus, and if it is shattered then the whole region will suffer. This is what the forces that brought Pashinyan to the power can try to achieve, " Mikhailov said.

He stressed that already for two centuries Russia sees Azerbaijan as a reliable ally and partner, and it does not seek to retain Armenia.

"Russia needs to look for. Armenia should have its own choice. And if Armenian people allow next political adventurers to break Armenia away from Russia, then, so it deserves it. They still did not understand how much they owe Russia. I always said that Armenia exists only thanks to the Russian Empire, and then to the Soviet state. Thanks to the Russians. They do not want to - good bye! "- added Mikhailov.

In politics, it is always possible to create new alliances, particularly, now they are increasingly talking about a possible military-political alliance between Russia and Turkey, he said.

"Previously, no one had imagined this. The history show that Russia is close to the Turkic peoples. The West has always tried to quarrel us with the Ottoman Empire, and it's time to reconsider our military-political alliances," the expert said.


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