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Azerbaijan Industry Agriculture Review: February 2019

17 September 2019
305 AZN 180 USD 155 EUR

Production of Azerbaijan

Overview of production in the sectors of economy


One of Azerbaijani plants suspends production of tomato paste and pickled vegetables
Cannery in Azerbaijan completely switches to manufacture of milk & dairy products
Anglo Asian Mining plans to reach record production volumes in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani food products showcased at "PRODEXPO 2019" in Moscow
Azerbaijani company eyes to increase flour production
Azerbaijani confectionery manufacturer to expand range of products
Azerbaijani company to increase flour production
Issuance of loans to women entrepreneurs to start in Azerbaijan
Akkord corporation assembles metal structures for new factory in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan’s TITAN GROUP to supply refrigerated display cases to domestic market
Ganja Aluminum Plant to boost production to increase exports
Ganja Aluminum Plant predicts output growth in 2019
From pharmaceuticals to railways: what new enterprises can Azerbaijan, Russia create?
Producers in Azerbaijan to recall harmful food products
Azerbaijan to get new state program on food safety
Textile plants in Azerbaijan need investments
Azerbaijani clothing industry in serious shortage of qualified personnel
Azerbaijan’s unemployment level among lowest in CIS
Thousands of people may launch small business in Azerbaijan till late 2019
Azerbaijan’s Zagatala Tea Factory eyes to increase tea production
Azerbaijan's Ganja Aluminum Plant to establish new export destination in 2019
Beer market in Azerbaijan continued growth in 2018
New hair dye plant to appear in Azerbaijan
Rice production to increase greatly in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan’s Ganja Textile Combine changes operation schedule
Propylene, polyethylene output significantly increases in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan’s TITAN GROUP to increase production of sandwich panels
Value of transaction for sale of Gilan Holding's share in AFB Bank disclosed
Flour production down in Azerbaijan’s Devechi Deyirman LLC
Azerbaijan to open new persimmon processing plants
Azerbaijani producer of alcoholic beverages fully ceases activity
Azerbaijan begins to produce new type of vodka

Azerbaijani products' turnover

Export overview

Import overview


Azerbaijani salt to enter market of neighbor country
Azerbaijani lemonade to be exported near abroad
Azerbaijan’s Sabirabad Canning company to increase exports to Russia
Azerbaijani wine producer decides on new export directions
Azerbaijani producer ships batch of alcoholic products to Russia
Azerbaijani producer of alcoholic beverages eyes to export wine to Belarus
Azerbaijani company increasing output to export paints to neighbor countries
Azerbaijan to increase export of hazelnuts
Azerbaijani juice producer to export its goods to Russia
Azerbaijani wine company to start exports to Turkey
Azerbaijani wine producer to begin exports to Europe
Azerbaijani pasta manufacturer decides on new export direction
Azerbaijani producer of alcoholic beverages to export wine to more countries
Azerbaijani wines may enter markets of Vietnam, India
Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan salt producer eyes to resume export
Azerbaijani broiler poultry producer eyes to establish export of products
Azerbaijan aims to export sandwich panels to Georgia
Azerbaijani company eyes to increase yarn exports to Europe
Azerbaijani Goygol Winery eyes Eastern Europe exports in 2019
Azerbaijan’s Sabirabad Canning company to export more pomegranate juice abroad
Ranking of trade partners: Azerbaijan increases export to Portugal
Azerbaijani rice producer decides to export its products
Cannery in Azerbaijan’s Lankaran decides on timing of exports to Dubai
Mineral water of Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan to enter new foreign market
Azerbaijan's Ganja Aluminum Plant to establish new export destination in 2019
Dairy producer in Azerbaijan eyes to expand export geography
Azerbaijani producer plans to export medicinal plants to neighboring countries
Azerbaijani mineral water producer to increase sales
Azerbaijani hazelnut processing plant to increase hazelnuts exports to Europe
Sales volumes of Azerbaijani company Tepe Safe greatly decrease
Azerbaijani producer exports another batch of vodka to Russia
Japan imports over 96% of Azerbaijan's exported honey
Azerbaijan to export cotton yarn to another European country
Azerbaijani hazelnut processing plant to increase exports to Europe
Non-oil industry in Azerbaijan significantly grows


Overview of the agriculture sector of Azerbaijan


Reasons of price rise for some agri-products in Azerbaijan revealed
Azerbaijani poultry producer eyes to keep production volume
Agricultural equipment purchase mechanisms changing in Azerbaijan
Why onions rising in price in Azerbaijan?
Azerbaijan to cultivate bananas in greenhouses
First Illinois-Azerbaijan Agriculture Forum to be held in Chicago
Azerbaijani ministry talks on advantages of e-agriculture system
Azerbaijani farmers to receive subsidies worth up to 25M manats
Azerbaijan's e-agriculture system to simplify farmers' work
Second stage of agricultural innovation project development launched in Azerbaijan
Australia interested to co-op with Azerbaijan in cotton growing
Serious shortage of qualified agronomists in Azerbaijan
Date of pivot system installation in Azerbaijan's Yalama Agro-Industrial Park revealed