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Azerbaijan Industry Agriculture Review: April 2019

17 September 2019
305 AZN 180 USD 155 EUR

Production of Azerbaijan

Overview of production in the sectors of economy


Azerbaijani Fostanpak company to significantly increase production
New sewing enterprise to open in Azerbaijan's Oghuz city
Industrial production up in Baku
Azerbaijani company Alprof cuts production of PVC profiles for windows & doors
Russian, Azerbaijani companies may expand joint production
Atlas Engineering completes installation of metal structures at large facility in Baku
In 2018, legal entity registrations online in Azerbaijan reached 70%
Azerbaijan’s Texno-Atinak to commission expensive project in Uzbekistan
Azerbaijani company sees significant decline in sales in PVC profiles
Azerbaijan’s TITAN GROUP talks plans for coming months of 2019
Russia, Azerbaijan to jointly open small enterprises in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani company to increase production of plastic windows & doors
Azerbaijan’s heavy industry to reach new level
Anglo Asian Mining increases gold production in Azerbaijan
Small atelier opens in one of Azerbaijani districts
Winemaking may grow in Azerbaijan
Dairy producer in Azerbaijan increases production
Azerbaijan's Nur Sud LLC planning to expand range of its products
Azerbaijan eyes to systematize approach to problems in heavy industry
Ukrainian industrial giant eyes to enter Azerbaijani market
Company in Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan AR to increase production of flour products
Time-frame for completion of reconstruction of plant in Azerbaijan’s Sheki disclosed
Azerbaijan’s Gilan Textile Park to supply yarn to Europe
Azerbaijan looks to raise marketing level of textile goods
Azerbaijan may supply textile products to new markets in CIS countries
Another feed processing plant commissioned in Azerbaijan
Production in Azerbaijan's auto industry set to increase
How withdrawal from EITI affected Azerbaijani mining industry?
Manufacturing of clothes down in Azerbaijan
Sugar production increases by almost 9 times in Azerbaijan
Drop in sales of steel doors in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani plant eyes to increase flour production
Construction of trailer production plant expected in Azerbaijan
Non-oil industry in Azerbaijan grows
Groundbreaking ceremony held for Azerbaijani bus production plant
Azerbaijani companies plan joint projects with Arab countries
Azerbaijan reveals metallurgical output value
Azerbaijan’s major manufacturer of industrial goods to introduce new product
Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic sees industrial growth
Azerbaijani winery eyes to increase export of products to Europe
Azerbaijani bread producer significantly increases output
Azerbaijan’s Association of Women Entrepreneurs helps open clothing store in Baku
Alcohol producer in Azerbaijan eyes to slightly increase output
Production of polyethylene coatings to be launched in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani alcohol producer to increase cognac production
Azerbaijani producer of organic fertilizers eyes to increase output

Azerbaijani products' turnover

Export overview

Import overview


Azerbaijan increases electricity exports
To which countries is Azerbaijan exporting most?
Azerbaijani company Fostanpak to expand export destinations
Small bread producing enterprise to open in Azerbaijani town
Exports via Azerbaijan’s online platform up by over 43%
Ranking of exporters in Azerbaijan’s non-oil sector
Altis Group of Companies to export plastic windows and doors to Central Asia
Minister: Azerbaijan, Russia could arrange export to third countries
Mineral water producer in Azerbaijan decides on export market
Azerbaijani confectionery producer planning to export to neighboring country
Azerbaijani entrepreneurs to be able to export goods without coming to customs bodies
Export of hazelnuts from Azerbaijan may grow
Poultry plant in Azerbaijan to start exporting eggs to Qatar
Azerbaijani company to increase wine export to Russia
Azerbaijani alcoholic beverage producer eyes to export wine to China
Azerbaijan’s ATEF Group of Companies eyes to export goods to more countries
Plastic door manufacturer in Azerbaijan to increase production and export
Pakistani pharmaceutical company eyes to enter Azerbaijani market
Azerbaijani fruit juice producer soon to export to Russia
Azerbaijan to export hazelnuts to Latvia
Azerbaijan’s Goychay-Sud announces export figures from beginning of year
Azerbaijan’s Nur Sud to boost export marketing efforts
Azerbaijani alcoholic beverage producer eyes to export wine to China
Azerbaijani confectionery producer to increase output for export to neighboring countries
Azerbaijan may supply textile products to new markets in CIS countries
Azerbaijani poultry factory starts exporting eggs to Qatar
Azerbaijani juice maker suspends supplies to Estonia
Azerbaijani company to increase wine export to Russia
Azerbaijani sausage products’ manufacturer eyes to start exports to Georgia
Azerbaijani winery eyes to increase export of products to Europe
Azerbaijani producer eyes to expand confectionery varieties, increase exports
Azerbaijani company planning to export luxury furniture to CIS countries
Azerbaijani mineral water producer to increase exports to CIS countries
Azerbaijani company plans to export plastic doors to CIS countries
Alcohol producer in Azerbaijan eyes to increase exports to neighboring country


Overview of the agriculture sector of Azerbaijan


Pomegranate production to increase in Azerbaijan
Persimmon output of Azerbaijan to increase significantly
Azerbaijani insurance company offers to switch to index-based agricultural insurance model
Changes in requirements for agricultural enterprises in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani beekeepers increasing honey production
Azerbaijani hazelnut producer increases production by 20%
New duties on food exports introduced in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan developing concept for introducing innovations in agricultural sector
Agroleasing to give preference to Azerbaijan’s small grain farms during harvest
Poultry meat production expected to greatly increase in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan launches second stage of employment project in agriculture
Investments in agriculture of Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan grow over 50%
Prices for broiler products down in Azerbaijan
Center for processing livestock products to open in another Azerbaijani district
Agricultural exports of Iran's East Azerbaijan province increase
Center for processing livestock products to open in another Azerbaijani district
WB talks implementing Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan to take steps to apply insurance system in agriculture sector
Period of commissioning of industrial warehouse in Azerbaijani agricultural park revealed
Preliminary timing for completion of irrigation work in Azerbaijani agropark revealed