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Iran Energy Economy Review: July 2019 (2)

17 September 2019
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Expert: INSTEX only weakens Iran's decision making
Iran to assign up to $7.1B of credit to small, medium-sized enterprises
Iranian businessmen to establish joint venture for Mosul projects
Iran’s budget deficit may amount to over $30B
Iran to gain regional share in future of digital economy
Privatization process stalled: Shares of Iran Khodro, SAIPA held on bail
Major enterprises of Iran’s Isfahan Province in need of circulating capital
Vice Governor of Iran’s CBI: Main goal is to reduce oil dependence
What does Iran private sector want from government?
Iranian minister clarifies issue related to 1B euro loss from state budget
Inflation rate reaches 40% in Iran
Iran's economy affected by multiple foreign currency rates
VAT law in Iran needs to be changed to boost production
Enterprises established in Iran’s West Azerbaijan province through foreign investments

Banks & insurance

Iranian banker: $12B provided for import of essential products
Iranian bank ready to support knowledge-based companies
Iran to issue employment loans worth $476M
Iran reacts to news of China's crypto currency mining
Loans of Iranian banks to industrial and mining sectors increase
Iran hints at replacing FATF deal with cryptocurrency trade
Prices of 23 foreign currencies decrease in Iran
Iran's market experiences relative stability - CBI governor
What are the main challenges facing Iranian banks?
Iran step closer to opening its doors for crypto mining
Iranian banker: sanctions create serious problems for local banks
Most important challenges to Iran's banking system named
Complex prediction for foreign currency rate in Iran
Iranian foreign currency rate might become single
CBI governor: About $30B worth of currency sold in Iran’s NIMA system in a year
Iran, Australia eye to expand banking, trade co-op
Removing 4 zeros from Iranian currency is not a priority
Removing four zeros from Iran currency won't affect economy
Iran’s currency revaluation to simplify financial calculations


$3.5 billion invested in Iran's mine and industrial projects
Iran's pharmaceutical products comprise 97% of domestic drug market
80% of Iran’s sugar reserves ensured domestically
Iran increases revenue from copper sales
Iran’s NICICO increases cathode production
Iranian plant to produce 200 kg of gold annually
Iran reveals metal products' export figures
80% of carpets of Iran’s West Azerbaijan province may be exported
Manufacturers in Iran use official foreign currency rate to import sugar
Big Iranian companies increase iron ore concentrate production
Iran to expand domestic rail equipment production
Iran to commission processing plant in South Pars in fall
Licenses issued to create 65 industrial facilities in Iranian province
Production of some products increases in Iran
Licenses issued to create 65 industrial facilities in Iranian province
Iran aluminum industries ignore neighbor markets


Iranian province exporting ostriches
Export of agricultural equipment from Iranian province up by 50%
80% of Iran’s sugar reserves ensured domestically
Iran eyes to produce 50,000 tons of shrimp
Iran exports 150 tons of eggs to Iraq daily
Mutton rises in price in Iran in anticipation of Eid al-Adha holiday
More than 67,000 tons of tea leaves bought from tea farmers in northern Iran
6.5M tons of wheat purchased from farmers in Iran
Rice production to increase in Iran


Iran, Russia conclude agreement on oil exports
Iran to earn billions of dollars from gas, electricity sales to Iraq
Oil, non-oil exports from Iran's Shahid Rajaee port increase
Detention of Iranian tanker by Britain affects oil sale
Ashgabat, Tehran mull energy security issues
Export of Iranian petrochemical products continues
Iran discloses volume of crude oil to be sold at energy exchange
Tajikistan becomes energy exporter with Iran's help
Gasoline smuggling causes multi-billion dollar damage to Iran
Iran spends more oil for production of primary products than Germany
Why tension around Strait of Hormuz moderately affects oil prices?
Iran’s Isfahan Oil Refinery commissions 3rd distillation unit
National Iranian Drilling Company, Dana Drilling Company signed a co-op agreement
Tension around Strait of Hormuz may hit hard oil, gas, maritime trade
Oil production of Iran’s Maroun Oil and Gas Production Company grows
Record figures achieved in electricity consumption in Iran
Iran's gas exports dropped by 1M tons last year
Iran increases fuel quota for goods transportation
Iranian gas or TAPI: who will be victor in gas rivalry?
IEA emergency stocks large enough to cover disruptions in oil supply from Strait of Hormuz
Iran fuel card revival will not limit smuggling
Iran resumes power sale on energy exchange
Iran sees increase in exports of petrochemical products
Production of petrochemical products in Iran to reach 94M tons
Iran reviews trading water on energy exchange
Iran's alternative energy production capacity reaches 760 megawatts
Deputy minister: About 4,000 mines inactive in Iran
Iran to export gasoline
Iran to create 3,000 jobs by reviving small mines
Why tension around Strait of Hormuz moderately affects oil prices?
Turkmenistan-Iran gas dispute ended in Iran's favor?
Iran saves up to €350,000 by overhauling gas turbine
Crude exports from Iran down by 10.9%
Propylene production in Iran to increase by 3M tons
Iran's Tabriz Oil Refinery to launch 3 projects
Iran’s Zarif: Iranian oil revenues should go through INSTEX
Is Strait of Hormuz of any significance in global energy market?
Iran, Belarus agree to barter oil in exchange of goods

Alternative energy sources

Solar panel station commissioned at Iran’s Urmia University
Iran commissions 10-megawatt solar electric power plant in Fars Province
Iran commissions 7-megawatt solar power plant in South Khorasan Province
Iran to build 17 large hydroelectric power plants


Tajik, Turkish investors make investments in Iran's Amirabad port
Iran Khodro Company to produce 100,000 Peugeot 301 cars
Over 1 million tons of cargo discharged in Iran’s Shahid Rajaee port
Number of Iranian flights declines due to US sanctions
Iran Air technicians repair A300-600 amid US sanctions
Iranian minister: Sale of carmaker companies to private sector begins
Iran to expand domestic rail equipment production
Iran ready to construct Shalamcheh-Basra railway
Iran to launch 7 freeways till 2020
Iran railways increase ties with regional countries
Iran Railways to provide guarantee to local rail equipemnt producers
Iranian cargo transshipment via Turkish ports exceeds 2 million tons
Iran loads and unloads more than 52M tons of cargo
Logistics center to be built in Turkey’s Van province
Iranian association: No reason for raising car prices


Iran's South Pars announces tender to buy temperature transmitter
Iran's SPGC announces tender to buy screw compressor air pack

Foreign economic relations

Georgia seeks to limit imports from Iran
Iran's Chabahar Free Zone - a transit connection for Oman
INSTEX will effect Iran, Iraq ties
Iran, Azerbaijan to cooperate in supporting startups
Tehran hosts high-rank quadrilateral meeting between Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey
Ashgabat, Tehran mull energy security issues
Azerbaijani Minister: Bakutel waiting for participants from Iran
Iran's risks regarding exports to Iraq, Afghanistan to be reduced
Iran intends to strengthen cooperation with China and Mongolia
Iranian province counting on business partnership with Turkmenistan
Iran to send one ship full of goods to east Africa per month
Iran to export engineering services to East Africa
Number of Iranian companies in Turkey increasing
Iran-Iraq trade turnover can reach $20B
Russian company trades with Iran in rial
Chinese company seeks more agreements with Iranian partners
Iranian exporters face problems in Georgia
Number of Iranian tourists in Georgia drops by 50%

Foreign trade

Iran’s rice imports grow 10 percent
Iran, Sri Lanka negotiate tea trade
CBI governor: conducting export operations in rials is not sensible
Exports via customs in Iran’s Poldasht city grow by 30%
Iran’s exports reach $10B
Over 6M tons of products exported from Iran’s Bushehr province
Export value of Iranian goods down
Iranian province experiences drop in value of exports
Export of non-oil goods from Iran's East Azerbaijan province increases
Iran not to allow import of luxury goods
Goods exported via Iran’s Sarakhs customs increases
Export of goods from Iran’s North Khorasan province drops
More than 500,000 tons of products exported from Iran's Markazi province
Iran exported 141,000 tons goods via Bileh Savar border
Iran discloses volume of products exported from Isfahan province
Goods exported via Iran’s Sarakhs customs increases
Products worth $85M exported from Iran’s Qom province
Iran exports $327M worth of products from Markazi Province

Nuclear program

Foreign minister: Germany does not understand US decision to exit Iranian nuclear deal
Iran won’t exceed 4.5% level of uranium enrichment for now – AEOI
Iran's AEOI: Arak Heavy Water Reactor can produce 1 kg of plutonium
Iran threatens to drop more nuke commitments if interests not guaranteed
Iran nuclear deal parties meet after month of friction
Iran intends to restart activities at Arak heavy water nuclear reactor
Iran’s steps leave room for keeping nuclear deal - Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister
Normalization of Iran-EU trade relations is 'first step' to comply with nuclear deal - Rouhani