Kazakhstan improves position in energy sustainability index

Kazakhstan Materials 27 October 2013 13:54 (UTC +04:00)
Kazakhstan ranks 58th among 129 world countries in the index of energy sustainability,
Kazakhstan improves position in energy sustainability index

Kazakhstan, Astana, Oct. 27 /Trend D.Mukhtarov/

Kazakhstan ranks 58th among 129 world countries in the index of energy sustainability, the World Energy Council's (WEC) report said.

WEC index is assigned on the basis of comparative analysis of the energy situation in the country and is based on three factors: energy security, availability of electricity for population and ecological compatibility of the energy industry. A rating ranging from A to D is assigned to the countries depending on the success in each of these directions. Kazakhstan in the overall standings was rated ABD.

"Kazakhstan's rating rose, and the country has achieved significant successes in the energy security field," WEC said.

Thus, the performance of energy security has been improved by reducing accidents, losses and compliance with the standards of various electricity norms. Kazakhstan for the first time entered the top ten and finished in sixth place among 129 countries in the world, leaving behind the United Kingdom (11th), the United States (12th), China (18th), Switzerland (19th), Spain (22nd), Sweden (24th) Germany (31st) United Arab Emirates (49th), Georgia (106th).

The report also underlined the stable levels of electricity availability for Kazakhstan's population. Today Kazakhstan confidently ranks 35th among 129 countries in this category, significantly leaving behind the United Arab Emirates (37th place), Hungary (42nd), Mexico (47th), Russia (61st), Latvia (72nd), Ukraine (73rd) and Bulgaria (77th), Turkey (82nd) and China (101st).

Aside from that, international authors indicate a significantly higher rating in the environmental performance of Kazakhstan's energy sector as a result of social responsibility on conserving resources and reducing wastes.

Implementation of new technologies, among other measures aimed at minimal detrimental impact on the environment, brought the country up by three positions in the world ranking. Kazakhstan took the 116th place in terms of environmental sustainability, and the country is followed by such countries as Kuwait (122nd), China (126th) and others.

This year three countries received AAA rating with the highest scores in all three directions: Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Spain.

"Undoubtedly, the participation in the World Energy Congress is an achievement of the goals voiced by the Head of State in ten global challenges of the 'Kazakhstan - 2050' strategy. Kazakhstan boosts its position in the rankings every year, and thus strengthens its position in the global energy community and the current position in the ranking is a confirmation of this. This is not a limit and there are considerable reserves for further breakthrough in the country's energy stability," Chairman of the Committee for State Energy Supervision and Control of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan, Arman Turlubek said.

The World Energy Council is a UN-accredited body bringing together energy sphere leaders and experts who promote affordable, stable and environmentally friendly energy systems.

The 22nd World Energy Congress WEC Daegu 2013 was held from October 13 to 17, 2013 in the South Korean city of Daegu under the theme 'Securing Tomorrow's Energy Today'. The Congress is held every three years in different cities around the world. The WEC Congress marked its 90th anniversary this year. It was attended by over 6,000 delegates from 113 countries.