President’s Envoy: Iran-Yemen ties, precious sample for neighbors

Iran Materials 23 December 2010 10:43
Special IRI president’s envoy in a meeting with Yemen’s president referred to two great nations’ ties, expressing hope they would serve as a precious sample for other countries and neighbors.
President’s Envoy: Iran-Yemen ties, precious sample for neighbors

Special IRI president's envoy in a meeting with Yemen's president referred to two great nations' ties, expressing hope they would serve as a precious sample for other countries and neighbors, IRNA reported.
Hamid Baqa'ie in the meeting also presented President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's official message to President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Pointing out that expansion of friendly ties with every country, particularly the neighbors, is a priority in Tehran's foreign policy, he added, "The old, good bilateral relations must continue with a positive approach at a broader level in the future."

President Saleh, too, during the meeting expressed his serious will for expansion of economic, social and cultural relations with Iran.

Pointing out that negative propagations have created serious obstacles in the way of the two nations and the two countries' relations, reiterating, "Very excellent relations between the two nations and the two countries should exist, since inappropriate relations among the regional countries is to the benefit of no one, and Iran and Yemen are no exceptions to that rule."

The Yemeni president said that Aden has always defended Iran's right to have access to the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes at entire international gatherings and would always keep on doing so.

Pointing out that Aden's stand towards Tehran is clear and transparent, the Yemeni leader expressed wish that Tehran's stand, too, would reciprocally be as clear and as transparent, adding, "We believe Iran is a very proud country that has achieved broad and noticeable advancements, believing that this might and power should be taken advantage of in favor of strengthening the foundations of peace and security among the neighboring and Muslim countries."

President Ali Abdullah Saleh considered regional security very important for the region, arguing, "Generating, or supporting regional insecurity is to no one's benefit, and therefore, we are fully ready to host the IRI president, because Mr. Ahmadinejad's visit of Yemen can be a very important step for the expansion of bilateral ties."

The Head of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization Baqa'ie assured President Saleh that the entire expressed precious points would be conveyed to the IRI president.

He announced Tehran's readiness for taking practical and seriously steps aimed at solving the entire existing problems and obstacles in favor of the restoration of friendly ties, announcing and assuring that Iran truly respects Yemen's political and territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Baqa'ie added, "Negative remarks and media propagations in this respect should be totally ignored, and naturally such obstacles can be easily removed relying on the wisdom and sagaciousness of Mr. Ali Abdullah Saleh and Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.