George Soros rejects accusations of financing revolutions in post-Soviet space

Iran Materials 27 June 2006 17:37 (UTC +04:00)

George Soros, currently in Turkey, led a news conference in Conrad hotel in Istanbul, sharing his vision of the processes going worldwide, CГјmhurД±yet reports.

Trends special correspondent reports from Turkey, Soros rejected the accusations of being a sponsor and organizer of various revolts in a post-Soviet space. He said these accusations are fabricated by Russian propaganda machine. В"Revolution in Ukraine scared Russia and instead of ruling the people correctly they blame meВ",- he said.

Speaking on situation on South Caucasus, Soros, stating the conclusions of Open Society Institute, indicated Armenias corruption as greater than that in Georgia. He said we would love to help Armenia but the government shall wish it.

Mr Soros also criticized US Presidents policy that opened a war on terrorism and directed us to wrong side. In his opinion, the war will go on and on and weaken US positions worldwide.